Spotify enters talks


Last month Cherwell reported on the University’s decision to ban the popular music-sharing website Spotify across college networks.

The company behind Spotify have since said that they will be making efforts to have the ban on the music sharing website lifted.

Spotify commented on the ban, saying, “It’s sad to think of our student friends at Oxford University unable to listen to Spotify whilst on campus.”

“We’ve spoken with the university and are currently discussing how we might reconnect the students with their music. We’re keeping everything crossed!”

The website was initially blocked because of concerns about the amount of bandwidth it took up. Spotify reacted quickly to the news, contacting Dr. Stuart Lee, Director of OUCS, to request a meeting last Monday.

Dr. Lee said that he hoped the situation could be resolved. “If we could do something as we did with Skype then that would be in everyone’s best interest, it would be win-win.”

He maintained that, “…the reason we try to restrict peer-to-peer is that it really does swallow up bandwidth.”

The issue has sparked debate at other universities. A Cambridge College has moved quickly to reassure students that the service will not be banned.

A spokesperson for Newham College said, “Why would anyone ban it? Our policy is to provide an internet service that is closest to students have at home. Of course we monitor for abuse, but we have no plans to ban programs like Spotify which are harmless.”

Oxford University’s ban of Spotify has attracted international interest, with the news being published on SkyNews and The Washington Post.