DIY Fashion

Fashion is such a paradox. Your aim in life is to be cool and individual, yet as soon as something hot comes out in Topshop you’ve snapped it up along with ten million others in the exact same plight. The answer? DOY. Our fashion shoot this week shows you how our team managed to customise boring basics into cool, oirginal pieces. Plain pair of black heels? Glam it up old-school style with antique looking brooches – 50p each from Primark. Dull old T-shirt? Tap into thr cut-out trend and take a pair of scissors to it. And strategically placed patches on a cheap looking jumper instantly make it look preppy, vintage and just plain stylish. There’ll be no one out there who looks quite like you…


(Original jumper – Marks and Spencer, Tights – Debenhams, Shoes – Primark, Brooches – Primark, Headband – Topshop, Skirt – Model’s Own)


(Original T-shirt – Primark, Lace camisole – Primark, Necklace – Primark)





DIY Fashion – Laura Butterfield, Emma Milner, Grace Goddard. Photography – Maryam Ahmed. Model – Holly Creevy.