5. INFINITY – INFINITY INK: The classic deep house tune. You’ll find this little gem dropped in sets all across the interweb,  with thick, bassy sounds that make you bob your head and tap your feet. Your dad will love it.

4. NIGHTINGALE (GORGON CITY REMIX) – CLEAN BANDIT: Pushing the boundaries of what we call ‘deep house’ here, but I couldn’t make the list without it. One of my favourite tunes, this makes even the most socially inept get up and bust some shapes. Gorgon City have been slowly rising this year, absolutely killed it at Boardmasters and hopefully we’ll get to see them along with their other Black Butter chums back in Oxford soon.

3. SO CLOSE – KIDNAP KID: Another Black Butter veteran and arguably my favourite producer, every track this guy releases is pure gold. So Close is a beauty, with vocals known to make grown men weep, and that sensual bouncy house feel to keep your head bobbing whilst you search for the download button. Ipods should come with this preset. It’s that good.

2. WHAT I MIGHT DO – BEN PEARCE: Mournful, sensual and all with a dark underside that makes you scrunch up your face when it drops. What I love about this track is its versatility: it’s soulful enough to be a chilled out ‘walk to work’ track, but drop it at your cool/hip/groovy party and you’ll have everyone up on their feet funking out. Everyone except that dub-head in the corner who says all house sounds the same. But nobody invited him anyway.

1. MR MAN – DUSKY: You couldn’t have this list without Dusky, and this track really is a masterpiece of the genre. The thumping bass melts away into those piano chords and you’re left smiling and spinning in a sort of musically orientated orgasm. The vocals are delicious, the beat is on point every time and the melody just rolls over the whole thing and makes you want to hug each and every person who happens to be there with you. Perfection.

There are so many more I’d love to include on this list. If you like the above, names like Cyril Hahn, Bondax and DEVolution should be looked into. If you want something with a similar vibe but a little darker check out George Fitzgerald, Huxley or Eats Everything and finally if you want that bouncy house feel but with nastier drops, look for names like Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo.