Album of the week: Bonobo’s Migration

Bonobo’s Migration is a five star delight, says Natalia Bus

Source: Flickr

It’s finally here: a gentle pulsating beat, an added layer of subtle piano, all gradually disintegrating into a profusion of sounds and samples. The highly anticipated, yet agonisingly long wait for Bonobo’s new album is over.

With pre-album release singles including ‘Kerala’ and ‘Break Apart’ torturing all Simon Green fans in the past couple of months, the anticipation reached boiling point just as the electronica stalwart’s sixth studio album dropped on Friday.

Green keeps his usual pretension-free intellectual cool whilst somehow delivering production and arrangements even more engaging for listeners. Album highlights include the striking, if lengthy ‘Outlier’, the equally lengthy yet hypnotic ‘No Reason’ (with vocals from Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker), and the unmistakable edgy dance floor banger ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’.

On this album, Bonobo combines sophisticated compositions with catchy renditions, whilst maintaining his distinct sound. It’s a good a comeback as any of us would have hoped for.


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