Fighting for ISIS doesn’t make you less human

Society's high ideals should not be forfeited in favour strict laws, warns Rosie Duthie

As with many of the issues surrounding terror, what to do with those returning home from IS divides opinion. Some declare that nobody associated with IS should be allowed back into Britain; others say these individuals are victims in need of support and forgiveness; others still declare that investment into intelligence and surveillance can allow them to return home with diminished risk. The “right” answer is not clear, and its nuance cannot be appreciated by such absolute statements.

Outright refusal to allow their return is one option. It fails, however, to recognise that every IS fighter is human. Some of the strongest voices against welcoming those who desert IS home would crumble when faced with a 14 year old who, forced into a marriage, raped and stripped of her rights, decided to return home. A 15 year old boy sent to fight, sleeping and waking to the sounds of gunfire and approaching explosions seems far less threatening than the extremist fighters we see displayed on television.

It is too easy to forget the human we are talking about, too easy to forget that these are the people we went to school with, played with as children, took our own children to nursery with. Indoctrination and vulnerability do not make them less human.

That is not to say that they do not have a responsibility to bear. Our society demands that those who break the rules by which we live together answer for their actions. Joining IS to fight, partaking in terror, is illegal, and must be recognised as such. However, our greater aim should not be forfeited in favour of stringently imposed laws. If the Government rejects an individual’s request to return the effects go further than that person. The propaganda of IS and its supporters will perpetuate the idea of an Islamophobic Britain, where Muslims cannot and should not feel welcome. It is this ideology that we must fight, as we aim to unite everyone against the tyranny of IS.

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Surveillance and psychiatric support as part of a rehabilitation plan seem to be, in some ways, the best solution. They offer the opportunity to rehabilitate, to protect and to observe those who have returned. But the cost is undoubtedly prohibitive, and there is no guarantee that they will not pose further threat to innocent individuals through radicalisation.

International cooperation has been pushed to the forefront of fighting terror, but where the question is rehabilitating returning IS fighters, it seems to become a game of pass the parcel. While there is no easy answer, one thing is clear.

We must remember that these individuals are just that: individual people, with thoughts and emotions and fears and vulnerabilities as prominent as our own. We must remember that keeping us safe is about more than keeping them out, it is about creating a place where acceptance, strength, and solidarity are at the fore.

They are the victims of IS. We must protect us and we must protect them.


  1. Wow, have you fanatic Leftists gone insane!?!

    ISIS is a jihad terror organisation. At least the Nazis hid their intention of Jewish genocide from the public – although Germans knew the Jews were being rounded up, the German population had no idea of the full horrors of the holocaust until after the war.

    ISIS on the other hand, openly boasts of its mass murder of Yazidis, shares photos of 100s of Shia Muslims being executed in a ditch, throws gays off buildings, and much more besides.

    What has happened to my beloved Oxford University that it now contains such sick leftist filth that would in any way try to present a human side to UK born ISIS fighters? They are human only in a generic sense. The idea that their is some sense of greater good that should impel us to reintegrate mass murderers into society is nothing more than a communist urge to bring armed insurrection to the UK.

    I am a Muslim and I can tell you that vast numbers of UK Muslims support Jihad terror.

    This is similar to leftists and Antifa. Many openly support Antifa violence, and even more privately sympathise with it. Even more would condemn the Antifa violence but support their objectives and therefore turn a blind eye to Antifa violence.

    Any UK citizen that joins ISIS, a global Jihad terror organisation dedicated to chopping my head off as a secular Muslim and of course bombing the UK into defeat and being overrun by Islamic barbarians, should automatically have their citizenship revoked. When such people are on the battlefield, missiles should rain down on them until they are obliterated. Any if any so called innocent civilians happen to be in immediate proximity to ISIS terrorists, then tough sh*t if they get obliterated too.

    What sickens me the most is that Oxford students today are agitating to bring proven head choppers (who would put me to death simply for rejecting their demonic ideology) back into the UK where they can both infect more Jihad supporting Muslims to cross the line into terrorism.

    It’s clear that these leftist Oxford students place communist ideology as a priority over the mangled limbs of kids blown up at concerts in Manchester. These crazy leftists would probably try and justify Jihad terror outrages by equating them with the conduct of HM Armed Forces!

    Jihadists and ultra Leftists are revealing themselves to be in alliance. Very fookish- as the Jihadis will chop your LGBTQIAXYZ-obsessed heads off as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

    PS. The danger to gay rights being presented by mass influx of Jihad supporting communities into the UK is yet another very worrying topic, particularly as it is being pushed by those who claim most affinity for gay rights

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