We’re now hiring for editorial positions for Hilary 2018. This is your opportunity to be part of one of the longest-running student newspapers in Europe, and to follow in the footsteps of past contributors like Evelyn Waugh, Hadley Freeman, and Evan Davis.

Cherwell is recruiting for section editors, deputy section editors, illustrators, photographers, and broadcasters across all sections of the organisation. These include:




At Length (Features)





Film & TV





Science & Tech



Applications for section editor positions can be found here, and applications for deputy section editor can be found here. Applications for the Video team are also available here.

In addition to these sections, we are also looking for cartoonists, illustrators, and photographers. If you are interested in any of these roles, please email editor@cherwell.org expressing your interest.

To apply, download a copy of the relevant form and email a completed version to editor@cherwell.org by midday on Monday, 27 November.

1. News

News is a big section to edit, but it’s the one that has our most exciting headlines and reporting opportunities. This term, Cherwell has held the University to account over the vice chancellor’s expenses, published the first ever leaked Bullingdon Club invitation letter, and covered breaking news in Oxford.

Being a news editor means you work closely with the senior editorial team, designing the news coverage, front page and posting content online. We need tenacious student journalists who have a nose for news.

To apply for News Editor, fill out the Section Editor form. It’s very easy to become a News Reporter (and you can still contribute to other sections of the paper too): just send an email to cherwellnews@gmail.com, come along to our weekly meetings, and you can be at the forefront of student journalism (maybe even literally on the front page).

2. Investigations

Our news coverage is supported and supplemented by our investigations team. This is where our in-depth investigative journalism is done, tackling the issues big and small in Oxford today. This term, the Investigations team have looked into Oxford’s dodgy food safety standards and the finances of the Oxford Union.

Being an investigations editor means you will work closely with the senior editorial team to plan and execute a number of investigations during term. It also involves working with data and submitting freedom of information requests. We need tenacious student journalists who are willing to put in the hours to nurture a story.

We are recruiting for two Investigations Editors and up to three Deputy Investigations Editors.

3. Opinion

The Opinion section of the newspaper publishes a range of cutting-edge opinion pieces from students on a range of issues, with a specific focus on Oxford issues. Our best debate and opinion pieces are read across the University and online, and shape the conversation amongst students.

Opinion is recruiting for two Comment Editors and up to three Comment Contributing Editors. The Comment editors have overall responsibility for the section and the contributing editors will form a permanent core of regular writers for the section. If you wish to write on an ad hoc basis, there’s no need to fill out a form – just pitch via email.

4. At Length (Features)

At Length is Cherwell‘s long read section – it publishes just one long form piece a week, covering a wide range of issues. At Length offers contributors the chance to interrogate a subject and explore it in more detail – but otherwise, its remit is broad and there’s room to be inventive. If you’re a fan of the Guardian‘s ‘Long Reads’, or want to try your hand commissioning and editing essays and creative pieces, then this is the section for you.

This term, At Length highlights include a look at the Oxford housing crisis, an exploration of “fake news”, and a powerful argument in favour of vegetarianism.

We are recruiting for two Features Editors.

5. Life (and Food)

The Life section is home to several of Cherwell‘s longest running features, including the historic John Evelyn gossip column and – new this term – Love Oxland. The section is a home to both light-hearted and serious discussions of the major issues of Oxford life.

Life also contains the Food page, which features a wide variety of reviews and recipes. If you want to review college meals, or Oxford’s extensive number of bars or restaurants, this is the place to look.

We are recruiting for two Life Editors and up to two Deputy Life Editors. For the Food section, we are recruiting for two Food Editors.

6. Culture, Music, Film, Theatre, and Books

The Culture section is at the heart of Oxbow, the Cherwell supplement. Culture, which works in coordination with Music, Film, Theatre, and Books, is at the forefront of Oxford’s cultural scene, and features a number of pieces each week looking at an element from culture in its thematic context.

We are recruiting for two Culture Editors.


The Oxbow Music section is the place to find reviews and features on the latest going on in Oxford’s musical scene. The section reviews work by Oxford musicians, as well as reviews of national performances in Oxford. The Music section also prides itself on reviewing up-and-coming musicians and the latest in Oxford nightlife – so if you want a place to tell it how it is, consider joining our Music team.

We are recruiting for two Music Editors.


The Film & TV page of Oxbow features reviews of the latest films and television programmes, picks of the weeks from the editors, and a look at the latest that Oxford students are up to. The page aims to keep a focus on what Oxford students watch – but it’s a great place to keep up to date on the Oxford film scene.

We are recruiting for two Film Editors.


Theatre is one of the most important parts of Oxbow, playing a key role in the Oxford drama scene. Theatre aims to provide comprehensive coverage of the theatre scene – it features previews, reviews, and interviews with the major plays and figures involved. No in depth knowledge of the drama scene is required.

We are recruiting for two Theatre Editors.


The Books section is the home of literature at Oxford. It features reviews of the latest books and literature, as well as feature pieces and interviews.

We are recruiting for two Books Editors.

7. Fashion

Our Fashion section has gone from strength to strength this term. If you want to organise weekly photo-shoots, or you’ve got opinions on fashion and fancy being the next Sartorialist, this is the section for you.

Deputy Fashion Editors are intended to form a permanent core of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section and to help with the weekly fashion shoots.

We are recruiting for two Fashion Editors and up to two Deputy Fashion Editors.

8. Satire

Join Cherwell‘s Satire section to provide a cutting edge take on the latest news, leaving no student hack safe from its brutal lens. Each week, the Satire Editors write and source a number of articles and cartoons – if you fancy yourself as the next Hislop, then this is the position for you.

We are recruiting for two Satire Editors.

9. Science & Tech

Science & Tech has only recently found a home in our weekly paper, but the section, which started in Michaelmas 2016, now publishes regular, focused and cutting-edge articles in Cherwell about the latest developments in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and everything in between. The section aims to make the latest scientific developments accessible to our readers, and we welcome applicants from a range of subjects.

Science & Tech also includes a number of reviews of the latest product releases, providing a perfect outlet to judge how well new products serve students.

We are recruiting for two Science & Tech Editors.

10. Sport

We report on many major sporting occasions in Oxford – whether your interest is rugby, swimming or lacrosse, there are opportunities for objective analysis of the big games, or not-so-objective match reports from those involved in college matches. Get involved with the Sport section to continue this trend and expand high quality coverage to other sporting fields.

We are recruiting for two Sport Editors.

11. Video

The Cherwell Video team plays a vital role supplementing our print content and updating it for the digital age. It produces weekly news roundups, snapshots on the latest goings-on at Oxford, and interviews with some of the bigger names on campus.

The Video team is particularly looking for people with experience with production and editing, or who are interested in those two areas.

We are recruiting for two Video Editors and up to three Deputy Video Editors – application forms can be found here.


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