The Cherwell Freshers’ Packing List

After experiencing three terms of packing and re-packing, you will soon become adept in knowing exactly what you take to university. The first Michaelmas pack is always full of the unnecessary and, in hindsight, rather ridiculous (entire cutlery set for a dinner party of 12, enough food to see you through World War III, yet just one pair of socks). Obviously, what you will need varies massively from college to college, let alone for each individual, but here are some of the basics:


When it comes to clothes, the amount you bring is really up to you. I personally have no shame in declaring my laziness by hulking the entire contents of my wardrobe down to Oxford, meaning that I only have to do a wash every 2 weeks. However, no matter if you are a little more adept with washing machines (or have less obliging parents), you need to cover these main categories.




Other equipment: 

All of this may seem a bit overwhelming, and like a bit of a challenge to get in the boot of a Ford Focus, but you’ll work out pretty quickly what you do and don’t need. No one ever packs the perfect selection of stuff, and as people in third year will tell you, it’s an art you gradually improve at term on term.