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Oxford remembers Stephen Hawking

The 76 year-old scientist and former Oxford student died peacefully at his home in the early hours of Wednesday morning

Rhodes scholarship expanded worldwide

Most of the Rhodes scholarship places have previously been reserved for residents of just the US, Canada and South Africa


Feminist philosophy will revolutionise our worldview

The new course is a step towards diversifying philosophy at oxford

The forgotten female modernist poet

I was overcome with a sense of familiarity, intermingled with strangeness

Oxford scientists receive £1m for heart defect research

Scientists awarded nearly £1m to determine the causes of congenital heart disease

Oxford International Art Fair Review – Open to all

Oxford international arts fair offers a accessible approach to curation for better or worse

13 Review – ‘effectively and enjoyably portrays Bartlett’s broken Britain’

Bertie Harrison-Broninski is impressed by the ambition and scope of this drama of political intrigue and belief