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Camera to close and re-launch

A spokesperson has confirmed that Camera will close down this weekend, before re-launching as a new club concept

Quota for women professors announced

Oxford University has announced at least 30% of professorships and senior positions are to be filled by women

Pembroke students slam LA Fitness advert’s "sexism"

Students complain over 'blatant display of sexism' in 'unhealthy' LA Fitness advert outside College

Catz student protest continues

JCR refuses to stand up in Hall in bid for financial autonomy

Catz JCR declares independence from College

Following extraordinary open meeting, Catz JCR splits from College

Former student fails to force harassment policy review

Elizabeth Ramey attempts to force judicial review on University harassment policy following alleged assault in 2011

Students complain over Christian music event during finals

Students across Oxford complain to City Council about 'open air service', claiming revision was disturbed

Network Rail cancels NUS ‘Liar Liar’ posters

Network Rail takes down NUS posters aimed at Lib Dem 'pledge breakers'


Oxford Club Couture

Feathers, latex, or pyjamas: the dress code for Oxford clubs knows no bounds

Letter To: My Incoming College Children

You will make friends, you will fit in. Plus, you always have our college family!

Uni ‘spends £108,000’ to recruit each additional low-income student

Recent analysis also suggests no connection between the proportion of students from poorer postcodes and final exam scores

India’s legalisation of gay sex is India’s success, not the West’s

Western coverage of India's overturning of Section 377 was at best uninformed and at worst insulting

The Art of Small Talk

At the beginning of October a hormonal mass of teens, infused with adrenalin and trepidation, will descend on Oxford for a week of clumsy...