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James Elliott


The injustice of this country’s deportation policy

James Elliott on why our current system is failing

What the new government means for students

James Elliott analyses the new government's education policies, and in particular whether a rise in tuition fees might be on the cards

The long way back for the Left after electoral defeat

James Elliott argues that Labour should look to its grass-root support to channel its anger at social injustices and develop a new politics of the left

What this election hasn’t changed about copy-cat policies

James Elliott calls on those unhappy with the election results to stop lamenting and start organising

The falsity of voting for "anti-austerity" parties

James Elliott argues that voting for parties like the Greens or the SNP is counter-intuitive if you want to avoid a Tory government

The current conflicts raging within the NUS

James Elliott takes a look at the changes taking place within the NUS

Why a reading week wouldn’t go far enough

James Elliott argues that calls for a reading week do not tackle the systemic issues affecting students

The problems of the new Vice-Chancellor

James Elliott on why Oxford's new Vice-Chancellor is not a godsend

Palestine has history on its side

In his weekly column, James Elliot argues that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement has to make a breakthrough

Porn & Policy at Teddy Hall

In his weekly column, James Elliott reflects how Teddy Hall JCR's decision to scrap its honorary member, Jenna Jameson, shows how Oxford politics can become sanitised and fake


The appeal of method acting

Many actors go to great lengths in pursuit of an authentic performance

History should have no borders

Oxford’s curriculum is woefully Eurocentric

Football blues take Brookes varsity win

It has been a tough season for the newly promoted Women’s Blues football team. Now playing in the top league in their region, they...

The plight of the struggling high street

Physical shops need to adapt to the times

Should Murray have been disinvited?

Yes: Hannah HealeyThe central argument against no-platforming in universities is a clear one: we should allow debate around controversial topics because it inspires resilience,...