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A PhilThe mix-up

University apologises for administration error in Theology prelims examination

International students’ visa regulations revised

Coalition offers 'compromises' on visa proposals

Magdalen Bridge open for May Day

Magdalen Bridge to open on May Day for first time since 2005

Placebo effect works in reverse

Oxford study finds expectation alters drug response


Graduations delayed as women told to cover up

At one single graduation ceremony, ten women were turned away for not wearing socks

Keble students stranded after accommodation cock-up

Undergraduates have been ordered to postpone their arrival due to new graduate accommodation awaiting completion

‘No Offence’ and ‘Antinuous: Boy Made God’ at the Ashmolean

A review of the museum's latest exhibitions which are dedicated to telling LGBTQ+ stories

Fandom: democracy or tyranny?

Hollywood's decisions have become increasingly determined by internet fandoms

70% of students only drink to fit in, says NUS survey

Almost half of the survey’s participants claimed that prior to starting university they had a perception that students spent most of their time getting drunk.