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“Fairer” pricing for Trinity rooms

Trinity College introduces differential pricing for student accommodation

Three cheers for Varsity

Oxford Sirens compete with Cambridge Cougars for the Cheerleading 'Varsity Trophy'

Lifetime Contribution Award for Mansfield Don

Professor Michael Freeden has been chosen for the Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize for Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies by the PSA

Tan-talising times at Jesus

Jesus College has revived its tanning team, which the JCR given over £50 worth of funding for fake tan and equipment

UK students without Internet access are at a disadvantage

An Oxford University study has found UK teenagers lacking Internet access to be educationally disadvantaged, with the Internet providing users with valuable academic and social benefits.

Kensal Rise Library to be turned into flats

Campaigners protest against All Souls' decision to sell library

Oxbridge applications rise

Record numbers of students apply for Oxbridge

Students concerned about Varsity trip booking

Students at several colleges had a clash between matriculation and booking places on the Varsity ski trip.

Students produce poetry anthology

Students around Oxford produced the collection in aid of Oxfam's GROW campaign


Still nothing moderate about Malaysia

For the no-platforming, self-proclaimed anti-fascists it does beg the question, where was your protest on Friday evening?
Cleopatra (Sophie Okonedo) kneels behind a dying Antony (Ralph Fiennes) flanked by two servants.

Review: Antony and Cleopatra – a star-studded Shakespeare

Lawrence Li is impressed by the National Theatre’s opulent imagining of a Shakespearean classic

Bhajis, bacteria, and bicycles: inside crew date kitchens

Cherwell obtained copies of the most recent hygiene food hygiene reports from At Thai, Jamal’s, and The Temple Lounge through Oxford City Council, all of which highlighted issues regarding hygiene, cleaning, and confidence in the restaurants’ management.

The Race is on

James Martin wonders whether Liverpool can hold on to win their first Premier League title?

Blues committee members vote on merger of women’s and men’s committees

The presidents' proposal is expected to meet opposition with captains of a number of teams signing a letter in opposition against the merger.