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OUSU homelessness survey measures student attitudes

An OUSU survey has found that the majority of Oxford students know very little about how to help the homeless in Oxford

Colleges serving Halal meat without labelling it

Some Oxford colleges have been serving Halal meat without first disclosing this to students

Homophobic chants mar Rugby Plate final

Lincoln students targeted by offensive rugby chants; students criticise college authorities' attempts to suppress dialogue over the issue

Sporting Rock Stars: Alan Pardew

This week Tom Calver discusses one of the Premier League's more lively managers

"Too many homosexuals in Parliament" – Oxford MEP candidate

Ex-Somerville student lashes out at the number of gay MPs and attacks Amnesty International

University Chancellor criticised for neglecting BBC

Lord Patten has been accused of not being able to do his job at the BBC because of being Chancellor of Oxford, and his five other paid jobs

Record-breaking months of rain sink Torpids dreams

Oxford’s most anticipated rowing event of the year cancelled after river deemed unsafe for racing

Keble candle theft remains unsolved

“Very valuable” candlestick stolen in Keble chapel break-in mysteriously returned


Oxford Club Couture

Feathers, latex, or pyjamas: the dress code for Oxford clubs knows no bounds

Letter To: My Incoming College Children

You will make friends, you will fit in. Plus, you always have our college family!

Uni ‘spends £108,000’ to recruit each additional low-income student

Recent analysis also suggests no connection between the proportion of students from poorer postcodes and final exam scores

India’s legalisation of gay sex is India’s success, not the West’s

Western coverage of India's overturning of Section 377 was at best uninformed and at worst insulting

The Art of Small Talk

At the beginning of October a hormonal mass of teens, infused with adrenalin and trepidation, will descend on Oxford for a week of clumsy...