Saturday 26th April – First Day of an Oxford Summer? Delightful.

Why is it that exams are always during the time when you want to be outside the most? Whoever initially made that decision was either malicious or just liked a laugh at all of our expenses. Yesterday epitomised the dilemma that is going to dominate this Trinity term. The sun came out (just) so we all went out (a lot). Aren’t we just English through and through?First stop was some delightful G and T’s in Trinity Gardens. Small groups lounged on the grass, basking in the sun with Gin and Tonic or Pimms in hand. Others chose to mingle and make some small talk. The outward “How are you?”s probably just about masked the inward: “My sunglasses are definitely bigger than yours.” Delightful. Once my small talk was diminished and my £2s all disappeared it was time to go – definitely in a much improved state from the post-fashion-show mood of the morning.So what next? I went to the library for the rest of the day. I watched a film.

In bed with McCluskey

One commenter has had cause to question Aldate's independence.  Be assured that this blogger maintains a professional distance from all Oxford media outlets... unlike some. Word reaches Aldate that Martin McCluskey and his in-house newspaper are getting a little too close for comfort.It would seem that the OUSU President is a regular attendee at OxStu weekly meetings, 'just for fun,' and a recent sneaky peek at his mobile revealed his inbox to be full of texts from: - Holehouse - Holehouse - Holehouse - Mum - Holehouse - Holehouse - Holehouse - MumLet's hope the Stu's star reporter isn't being influenced by those in need of some positive PR.

Cherwell vs OxStu: Issue 2

Full breakdown and comments after the jump. OxStu still don't send Aldate their front page, so here's another artist's impression. Aldate was most disappointed not to be invited to HK's house party last night.  Here's hoping she went easier on the juice than she did at last term's "Tell us what you know" party... Front pages: Aldate would argue that bursars searching rooms is more interesting than Proctors, on the basis that everyone within two light years of Carfax has been invited to McCluskey's Facebook group. Both go for the obvious Langham pic, although "Union cancels Langham" invite is a little snappier than "Union courts more controversy as charity condemns invite to convicted sex offender Langham" (and take a breath).  Bad luck for the Stu with the cancellation timing though. OxStu animal testing puff is very effective an

News feed

More contemplative readers might take a break from salivating over this week's Cherwell centrespread to consider the fate of that tasty-looking Chercake.Now we know what the Chief's on about when he mentions news feeds. 

SEX ON THE BEAT – Wednesday 23rd April

Despite initial hiccups, I had a very good night on Wednesday. At 11pm I left the college bar and went my separate way from everyone else. They were all off to the first Park End of term (sorrrrry Lava & Ignite) and I was off to Filth for Sex on the Beat. As I entered the delightful Westgate Centre to head to what I thought would be a nice raucous queue I discovered, er, no one. Empty queue. As much as we all moan about being squashed like sardines between metal barriers on the top floor of a shopping centre, the sight of no one is a lot worse. Not looking so good so far. Should I have gone less against the grain and joined the Park End revelries?

Stepping back from the bitchy brink…

It looks like a new lease of life is to be breathed into Oxford Media Society this term, with a couple of good speakers already lined up in the form of John Witherow (Editor of the Sunday Times) and Nick Davies (of Flat Earth News fame).But it's going to have to host something a bit more exciting than speaker meetings if it wants to distinguish itself from the Union et al. Aldate would like to see workshops in law, new media, and perhaps even regular shorthand classes. Imagine how thrilling* the OxStu/Cherwell rivalry could become if it were extended to competitive speed writing...  *insert pinch of salt here 

The power of 10: Liveblogging Pennsylvania

Liveblogging as the Pa. returns come in

And they’re off…

It's that time of year again: the annual scramble to see who Rupert and his cronies will pick to be one of the chosen Murdoch scholars (PDF).The scheme has an illustrious set of alumni. Well, not really, but a few of the recent scholars are in pretty decent meedjya jobs these days.Last year saw four Cherwellites, two OxStuds, one from someting called Oxide (?) and some randomer that no one knew head off to Wapping, but in previous years it's been weighted in the OxStu's favour. They tend to only pick newsy types, and those with lashings of work experience, but anyone with a hanful of decent news cuts is in with a good chance. Maybe the wide-eyed young hopefuls would like to send Saint Aldate their CVs so we can sort out some odds: aldate@cherwell.orgSo the question is, who's going for it this year? All the current editors (Kenber, Cox Jensen and Kuchler) are having a go. So's Lolhouse, who spends so much time on the OxStu front page that he's applied for citizenship. Maybe

Fashion shootout

While this saint wishes no animosity between our esteemed University and lesser other institutions, is the OXFORD Student not pushing its luck slightly with this week's photoshoot? It's just that the photographer seems to be at Bristol , while one of the models goes to Loughborough. (We know, we know, it's all about the fashion darling.)

Cherwell vs OxStu: Round 0

 In the red corner:Oskar Cox Jensen and Billy Kenber's first issue In the blue corner:Hannah Kuchler and MattheHannah Kuchler's first issue Get your commenting fingers ready - what did you like and what would you spike in these honourable first efforts? More astute readers may have spotted that the Stu's front page is not quite what was delivered to JCRs on Thursday.  Our esteemed editor-in-chief* assures me that Miss Kuchler is consulting the powers-that-be in OUSU towers about copyright.  In the meantime, you'll have to make do with our artist's impression * He also assures me that ed-in-chief "certainly wasn't second prize you ****"


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