The power of 10: Liveblogging Pennsylvania

Liveblogging as the Pa. returns come in

And they’re off…

It's that time of year again: the annual scramble to see who Rupert and his cronies will pick to be one of the chosen Murdoch scholars (PDF).The scheme has an illustrious set of alumni. Well, not really, but a few of the recent scholars are in pretty decent meedjya jobs these days.Last year saw four Cherwellites, two OxStuds, one from someting called Oxide (?) and some randomer that no one knew head off to Wapping, but in previous years it's been weighted in the OxStu's favour. They tend to only pick newsy types, and those with lashings of work experience, but anyone with a hanful of decent news cuts is in with a good chance. Maybe the wide-eyed young hopefuls would like to send Saint Aldate their CVs so we can sort out some odds: aldate@cherwell.orgSo the question is, who's going for it this year? All the current editors (Kenber, Cox Jensen and Kuchler) are having a go. So's Lolhouse, who spends so much time on the OxStu front page that he's applied for citizenship. Maybe

Fashion shootout

While this saint wishes no animosity between our esteemed University and lesser other institutions, is the OXFORD Student not pushing its luck slightly with this week's photoshoot? It's just that the photographer seems to be at Bristol , while one of the models goes to Loughborough. (We know, we know, it's all about the fashion darling.)

Cherwell vs OxStu: Round 0

 In the red corner:Oskar Cox Jensen and Billy Kenber's first issue In the blue corner:Hannah Kuchler and MattheHannah Kuchler's first issue Get your commenting fingers ready - what did you like and what would you spike in these honourable first efforts? More astute readers may have spotted that the Stu's front page is not quite what was delivered to JCRs on Thursday.  Our esteemed editor-in-chief* assures me that Miss Kuchler is consulting the powers-that-be in OUSU towers about copyright.  In the meantime, you'll have to make do with our artist's impression * He also assures me that ed-in-chief "certainly wasn't second prize you ****"


Ladies, gentlemen, journo hacks - welcome to Aldate's blog about the incestuous world of Oxford's media.This corner of computer interweb will be dedicated to:1) Filling the Bowden-shaped gap left by OxGoss's weekly "Cherwell vs OxStu" threads.Minus the "crack whore on crystal meth" comments. 2) Scattering sprinklings of derision upon Oxford's more colourful media characters.Which prominent journo hack is depicted here in her younger, more idealistic days (on the left, somewhat appropriately, of the picture)?  First correct email will win a free Cherwell delivered straight to their JCR. 3) Finding out if anyone actually listens to Oxide.Have you?  Help is at hand.   Got journonews?

Liveblogging: Texas and Ohio returns

Roundup - So with 99% of results in Hillary Clinton won the Ohio primary by 10 points, and the Texas primary by 4 points. In the results from the Texas caucus Obama is currently leading by single digits with around one-third of the results reported.  What does all this mean? In short, it means the race is going to continue for a while longer. Hillary has survived a night which could have ended her campaign and lives to fight another day, able to claim that she has halted Obama's momentum after he won 12 states in a row. However, everything is not rosy for her. She remains well behind in delegates (still around 80 behind in pledged delegates) and she's running out of opportunities to make up that gap.  Plus, whilst the victories tonight were important, she had long been expected to win Ohio and Texas. Given the demographics in each they were viewed as a Clinton 'firewall' and the fact that Texas was fairly close and Ohio wasn't a total blowout means that she stil

Liveblog: Wisconsin and Hawaii results

The fun's all over but just in case you missed it the blog is archived after the jump.  Check back here on March 4th when I'll be liveblogging the crucial Texas and Ohio returns.

Yes, We Can – Democracy 2.0

First up, two confessions.  Number one, I think Barack Obama is a rock star.  Number two, I am a huge fan of Barack Obama.  The two are not wholly unrelated.

A wild prediction

The internet is the future.Seriously guys, I've got a good feeling about this.

John McCain must die

On Thursday 10th June 2010 to be precise. 


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