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Liveblogging: Texas and Ohio returns

Roundup - So with 99% of results in Hillary Clinton won the Ohio primary by 10 points, and the Texas primary by 4 points. In the results from the Texas caucus Obama is currently leading by single digits with around one-third of the results reported.  What does all this mean? In short, it means the race is going to continue for a while longer. Hillary has survived a night which could have ended her campaign and lives to fight another day, able to claim that she has halted Obama's momentum after he won 12 states in a row. However, everything is not rosy for her. She remains well behind in delegates (still around 80 behind in pledged delegates) and she's running out of opportunities to make up that gap.  Plus, whilst the victories tonight were important, she had long been expected to win Ohio and Texas. Given the demographics in each they were viewed as a Clinton 'firewall' and the fact that Texas was fairly close and Ohio wasn't a total blowout means that she stil

Liveblog: Wisconsin and Hawaii results

The fun's all over but just in case you missed it the blog is archived after the jump.  Check back here on March 4th when I'll be liveblogging the crucial Texas and Ohio returns.

Yes, We Can – Democracy 2.0

First up, two confessions.  Number one, I think Barack Obama is a rock star.  Number two, I am a huge fan of Barack Obama.  The two are not wholly unrelated.

A wild prediction

The internet is the future.Seriously guys, I've got a good feeling about this.

John McCain must die

On Thursday 10th June 2010 to be precise. 

What’s in a name?

Guy Pewsey considers the shallow yet successful world of celebrity endorsement. Would you like to smell like Celine Dion? No? How about Gwyneth Paltrow? No?...

College football roundup

DIVISION ONE St Hugh's 2, Somerville 3 A scrappy, hard-fought game was played out between the bottom two sides of the league. Somerville got...

Old Stagers

The ‘fourth wall’ refers to the invisible divide between actors and audience in realistic theatre, sealing the acting space off from the auditorium. The...

Oxford fights killer internet virus

A global computer virus has infected university computers, causing significant disruption to the university network. IT departments in various colleges were fighting the...


Modern China from a new perspective

Jacob Cheli talks to BBC Correspondent Michael Bristow about his travels around China with a cross-dressing language teacher

Different flavours in the Caribbean

The variety and intensity of Caribbean cuisine is far flung from minimalist European food

Council approves New College ‘Ivory Tower’

Baroness Kennedy of Mansfield told the planning committee that New College paid "very little attention to our genuine concerns"

Sexism in Jazz

Lola Grieve explores the underrepresentation of women in jazz in discussion with female jazz musicians at Oxford

Protestors call for divestment at Clarendon Building rally

Oxford Climate Justice Campaign called on the University and its colleges to divest from the fossil fuel industry