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Wednesday, November 22nd

Cherworld: Michaelmas Week 2

Sophie and Anthony discuss government plans for more extensive reports for University students - important recognition or pointless pen-pushing?

Best Foot Forward

Cherwell covered the 125th annual Oxford-Cambridge football match

Join The Debate: Labour Glasgow victory

What does Labour's by-election victory in Glasgow mean for the wider party ahead of next year's elections?

Report: Olympic Torch in Oxford

Xin Fan reports from South Park in East Oxford on Monday 9th July as the Olympic Torch procession arrives in the city before the start of the London 2012 Games.

Fit Finding

Cherwell seeks to witness Oxford's fitness first hand.

Join the Debate: OUSU Funds

OUSU President and JCR Presidents give their opinion on OUSU's troubling financial situation.

Councillor’s comments cause backclash from residents

Tony Brett criticises residents for 'offensive' complaints, prompting upset

Cherworld: Money talks at Oxford

After Oriel's donors kill off the RMF debate, we question the power donors wield over the University

Brasenose sports and arts dinners under threat

Dean calls for “radical alterations” to dinners that cost £4,000 a year

‘Violence and Destitution’ at Campsfield House

Cherwell examines claims of violence at Oxford's local detention centre.