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Tuesday, September 19th

How to Cook… Pea, Mint and Feta Risotto

Marc Kidson shows you how to make an effortlessly impressive risotto.

CNB Report: Saturday of Summer VIIIs

Pembroke and St John's claim the headship in a heavily contested Summer VIIIs

News summary – 1st week

The first instalment in our new series in which we summarise the most important news in Oxford each week. It has never been so...

Anti-Israel protest at the Union

VIDEO: Cherwell were at the protest against the Israel diplomat Daniel Taub's appearance at the Oxford Union

Hot Coffee: Bashing Oxbridge

In the second episode of the series, Nick and Tom discuss whether media bashing of Oxbridge has a negative effect

About the Town – Episode 6

Tom Goulding and James Arch take to the streets to ask people about their nicknames.

Cherworld – Willett do any good?

University minister David Willetts is the target of abuse from protesters whenever he returns to Oxford. Anna and Anthony discuss the merits of this extreme treatment

Should subfusc remain compulsory?

Luke Barratt talks to English finalists and campaigners about whether subfusc should remain compulsory for exams

An Interview With… Double Edge

Anna-Maria Ssemuyaba talks to the directors and cast of Double Edge, a play on at the Burton Taylor Studio in 8th week.

Shark Tales – Series 3 – Episode 4

Shark Tales returns to Park End to talk Trinity term, UKIP and speedos.