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Saturday, November 18th

A threatening agenda

Iraq's shameful denial of education to its Baha'i community

Confronting products of the subconscious

An anonymous author takes us on a journey through their dreams and the impact they have on their daily life

Our approach to abortion and disability is contradictory

Josh Peppiatt discusses the contradictory ethical traditions witnessed in UK hospitals which ensure that the lives of some unborn, disabled babies are saved and others aborted

The UK education system needs to evolve

Mark Roper argues that an understanding of evolution is vital to modern society, and that schools must adapt to reflect this.

Cameron goes to Washington

Cameron's dream voyage raises questions about the future of the 'special relationship'

What’s wrong with being good?

A rather unnecessarily large number of people

The Ice Bucket Challenge: Boon or bane for ALS sufferers?

Tom Posa argues that the Ice Bucket Challenge, despite the good intentions of participants, has done a disservice to ALS patients by trivialising the disease

C+: Migrant rights in Oxford

Emma Christie discusses how Oxford students have been responding to the ongoing refugee crisis

The International Student: Ireland’s Gay Marriage Referendum

Catherine Kelly gives her thoughts on the result of Ireland's gay marriage referendum as part of 'The International Student' column

The drugs don’t work

Simon Singh is on trial for criticising alternative medicine and explains why he will not back down