Inequality and Sexism are taken for granted

The lack of women in senior roles in Oxford will persist until we stop taking casual sexism for granted

Debate: Is Freshers’ Week all that it is cracked up to...

Niamh McIntyre and Tom Carter argue as to whether Freshers' Week deserves its reputation as a highlight of the university year

Interview: John Redwood

Joe Shapiro has a rather difficult conversation with the Conservative politician and Magdalen graduate

Drugs investigation: the case for legalisation

Matt Broomfield argues that the socioeconomic reasons for legalisation cannot be ignored

Throwing the book at arts exams

Andris Rudzitis argues that arts exams should be open book

Facebook’s fight against fake news is only a starting point

Leading up to the general election, Facebook’s positive action is at once concerning and desperately needed

An alternative perspective from South Africa

George Lewin Smith takes to the streets of Cape Town to gauge public opinion on the 'Rhodes Must Fall' movement, offering his own thoughts in return.

A night at the Oscars: winners and losers

As the awards season approaches, do nominations reveal anything about the film industry? Neil Suchak raises an eyebrow at the surprising lack of African-American talent in this year's Oscars lineup.

How do JCRs allocate charitable spending?

C+ looks at how different JCRs approach charitable giving

‘Anti-Semitism’ accusations detract from Oxford’s outrage at Ayalon’s extremism

What should we really be considering following Danny Ayalon's speech at the Union?


Rats plague St. Hugh’s accommodation

One student was moved to welfare accommodation after they found a dead rat on their floor in the middle of night

“The ancient world is a safe space for arguing”

Mary Beard discusses the Classics, political-polarisation, and access with Barney Pite

She who dares, wins

Taking risks is the only rule of fashion

‘A Star Is Born’ as Bradley Cooper makes an impressive directorial debut

"It's the same story told over and over; all an artist can do is say how they see it"

A look at the Cuppers draw

Cal Flintoff runs through this year's competition