Don’t have a go at the Lib Dems

'To attack only Clegg loses sight of what the other parties have done'

Class roots

Following Cameron's 'one black person' comment, the PM must now focus on the roots rather than the results of educational failure

OxStew: Christians call balls ‘unacceptable’

“Oxford students not wanting us at their balls is yet another triumph of the politically correct liberal elite, and is exactly why we need Nigel Farage to stay on as UKIP leader.”

Fake sofas and subfusc chic: the Oxford brand

Patrick Kennedy wonders if the Oxford brand has just gone a bit too far

The dangerous ignorance of Baroness Bakewell

Róisí­n McCallion explains the willful inaccuracy and potential harmfulness of Baroness Bakewell's comments on the condition

Why Gleick must speak

Phil Saville weighs in on the Gleick-Heartland climate change affair

Politicising terror in an attack on Muslims is morally bankrupt

Claire Heseltine argues that redundant soundbytes relying on sweeping bigotry only create greater alienation and radicalisation

The Taiwanese general election: a question of sovereignty

Ryan Tang brings you up to speed on the key issues likely to make the 2016 Taiwanese General Election a watershed moment in the nation's history

The errors of a decade

Clement Knox considers what went wrong in the noughties

Visiting from Baltimore: a tale of two systems

David Hills explains his mixed responses to spending a year as a visiting student in Oxford


There is still power in a union – but it erodes with our apathy

In a society increasingly driven towards division, the UCU pensions dispute highlights the challenges facing worker solidarity

Exclusive: Oxford Union release Trinity term card

Speakers include Lindsay Lohan, Jordan Peterson, and Peyton Manning

Government announces student loan interest rate rises

Students in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will face interest rates on their loans of up to 6.3%

Oxford Chancellor Patten votes against government Brexit bill

Lord Patten was criticised for putting forward "a political argument dressed up as a trade argument" by former Conservative chancellor Lord Lawson

Oxford to confront colonial past in £20,000 project

The move will include returning treasures seized during the time of the British Empire, and the study of more black and Asian thinkers on degree courses