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Friday, January 19th

The encroachment of the English language – good or bad?

Leonie Hentrup discusses the benefits of linguistic integration in Europe.

The scout system at Oxford must be scrapped

Michael Shao argues that scouts, paid a pittance and often treated quite badly, remove any sense of privacy and adult independence at university

The Addiction to Prohibition

Annie Machon, MI5 whistleblower, talks to Chloe Cornish about the drugs war

5 minute tute: Korea

War in Korea or Business as Usual?

Interview: Slavoj Žižek

John Maier talks to Slavoj Žižek about Trump, student politics and the power of comedy

David Cameron’s bad summer in Brussels

Tycho Onnasch discusses the Prime Minister's attempted renegotiation of EU treaties

One thing I’d change about Oxford… Religion

Cat Bean wishes that Oxford's theological history was more inclusive

Profile: Ji-Hyun Park

Sharing the story of escaping North Korea ... twice

The Rise of Evil: a user’s guide

James Lamming on the unscrupulous way to power in the 21st Century

The week that was: Ireland’s EU bailout

What happened? Top o' de mornin' to ya! Vaguely racist japery aside, the Irish are in trouble. This presents problems for national stereotyping. Normally we...