Power to the people

Centralised politics is stifling democracy  

Thumbs down for Hands Up

Darfur charities deserve your money. A fashion show just isn’t the way to do it.  

COMMENT: Teetotalism Over Temperance

The Comment Team explores drunkenness

‘We didn’t betray Prince Harry. Honest…’

In their edition of February 20, the German women’s magazine Frau im Spiegel speculated that Prince Harry might be in Iraq on service without...

Great Novels: Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee

Disgrace is a novel rich in symbolism and undertones which address its postcolonial message. The novel focuses on the political conflict rife in post-Apartheid...

Exhibition review: Little Black Dress, at the Brighton and Hove Museum...

That iconic garment, the Little Black Dress, or 'LBD', was born in the 1920s when Coco Chanel took dreary, black, mourning dress and created...

OUSU doesn’t need a fresh start: it needs to regain students’...

  Last term wasn’t the best for OUSU: disaffiliations, an (arguably) botched referendum campaign and a general feeling of dissatisfaction in many quarters of the...

Side Lines – Cricket

Cricket is often derided as a boring sport – Cherwell thinks that those who think so simply don’t get it, but will lay off...

Another term of Cornmarket chaos

The work on Cornmarket which began in 2001 is set to continue long into the New Year. There will, however, be respite for beleaguered...

The Freshers’ Guide to Oxford Sport

President explains the role of the Sports Federation For the last five years the Sports Federation has been the guiding force developing and improving...


McQueen Review – “an example of masterful documentary film-making”

Ian Bonhôte's creation celebrates McQueen’s legacy as a skilled artist and visionary

Welcome Freshers!

Congratulations - you made it!

Let’s talk about: Medicine Resits

Learning that you have to resit your medicine exams is difficult, and it is only made worse by an unfair system

Witch Hunt Review – ‘Dizzily funny writing and disastrous hair’

Horseplay Productions' politically-charged sketch comedy hits comedic targets despite an ambiguous through-line.

Premier League Predictions 2018/19

With the Premier League now underway, it's time to place your bets, make your predictions, and debate the fortunes of England's football elite.