Internal division won’t get Labour into government

Tony Diver notes how instead of attacking the government the opposition is crippled by internal division.

Not so supertrees after all

Cities may never provide havens for the natural world

Sides of the Story – The Queen’s Speech

This week, Cherwell takes a look at the Queen's opening of Parliament

Let’s not spoil all the fun: A response to Marc Pacitti

Tom Perrin responds to Marc Pacitti's republican piece on the birth of Prince George.

Cultural appropriation is not OK

Tyler Allen urges students to think about their costumes this Halloween

Oxford must say Yes to the NUS for the sake of...

Adam Kellett, OUSU’s Access and Admissions Officer, argues that disaffiliation would hit low income students and liberation groups hardest

Education, Education? – Labour now proposes two instead of three

Why forcing students to complete degrees in two years rather than three will create more problems than it will solve

5 Minute Tute: Sociology of the Modern Family

Cherwell speaks to Morag Henderson, Stipendiary Lecturer in Human Sciences at Oxford.

Affirmative action: the embodiment of meritocracy

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills uses new scientific data to dispel the notion that income-based affirmative action schemes for university admission weaken a university's academic standing

The Sunday Mirror were in the wrong over Brooks Newmark

Tjoa Shze Hui argues that the most worrying thing about the Brooks Newmark episode is not the shenanigans of Newmark himself but the ethics of the journalist involved


Ed David named OURFC Blues captain for 2019

David will be captain for the forthcoming 2019 Varsity campaign
Collage showing cycling shorts, bum bags, yellow jumpers, and teddy coat

The Year in Fashion: 2018’s Best and Worst Trends

The Cherwell Fashion Editors give their take on 2018's key trends.
Mayweather mid-fight

Is Boxing in Danger of Losing its Prestige?

Oliver Donaldson reflects on Mayweather’s humiliation of Nasukawa

2018’s Cultural Highlights

Amber Sidney-Woollett recaps a year in culture

May’s Brexit deal has been overwhelmingly rejected: all the government can hope for now...

Parliament must come together to agree on a new deal