Oxford admissions boss shuns "thick and rich"

Oxford Head of Admissions says that the university only wants “the bright ones”

What the Scottish elections mean for the whole UK

Charles Clegg explains that last week’s results in Scotland reveal the extent of the damage Labour has sustained following its leftward lurch

"Most felt like their opinions didn’t matter"

A student who worked as a scout told C+ of unpaid overtime and staff feeling as if their opinion doesn’t matter to management

"Medical leave often feels like a punishment"

Molly Rogers discusses the work of Balliol JCR’s Suspended Status Group

Banishing elitist traditions, de-mystifying applications, and peer support

Three students weigh in on how to tackle Oxbridge's access problem

Politics has changed, now the left need to adapt in order...

The left needs to up their communication to credibly fight the right

Why the NUS anti-Lib Dems campaign is wrong

Jan Nedvídek hits back at the NUS Executive's decision to fund anti-Lib Dem billboards in the run up to the election

The NUS isn’t working – and it won’t anytime soon

Henrique Laitenberger argues that the NUS is structurally unable to provide the services students deserve

Internal division won’t get Labour into government

Tony Diver notes how instead of attacking the government the opposition is crippled by internal division.

Notes from the Underground

Music journalist Simon Reynolds talks about the joy of being a bit of a misfit


An aerial photo of the Sydney Cricket Ground during a Test match between Australia and India

Sledging Down Under: Australia’s latest war of words

Australia's sledging has evolved in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal last year

Ed David named OURFC Blues captain for 2019

David will be captain for the forthcoming 2019 Varsity campaign
Collage showing cycling shorts, bum bags, yellow jumpers, and teddy coat

The Year in Fashion: 2018’s Best and Worst Trends

The Cherwell Fashion Editors give their take on 2018's key trends.
Mayweather mid-fight

Is Boxing in Danger of Losing its Prestige?

Oliver Donaldson reflects on Mayweather’s humiliation of Nasukawa

2018’s Cultural Highlights

Amber Sidney-Woollett recaps a year in culture