Debate: Was the Obama administration successful?

Theo Davies-Lewis and Felix Pope debate whether the Obama administration was ultimately successful

Cocaine’s fundamental flaw

Ellie Lee sees the hypocrisy between some students' ethics and their drug use

5 Minute Tute: Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

Kenneth Roth discusses the plight of women in Afghanistan

Britain on the edge

Sebastian Leape argues that Cameron's EU veto has failed to protect Britain's interests

Jade Goody: End of an Era

When we mourn Jade Goody we are not just mourning her, but the end of our spend-fast, instant-celebrity culture

Historic Mistake: Art History consigned to the past

Preserving the humanities is vital to future prosperity

Stop making sex a taboo subject

Sex and relationship education is important in helping children make infomed choices

One thing I’d change about Oxford… Coffee shops

What would you change? This week in our new feature Amber Bal attacks the coffee outlets capitalising on our crippling need for extra energy

Forget Socialising, Oxford’s one big network

Alexandra Sutton laments students' relentless networking

Race workshops exacerbate the problem they seek to eliminate

Compulsory sessions are just an excuse for inaction, writes Sandra Xu


Blues take Major Stanley win

Oxford University’s Rugby Blues beat Cardiff RFC 27-5

Purple Turtle to close down

The night club failed to agree a new lease with the Oxford Union

The power of silence: the art of Marina Abramović

Much of Abramović's work uses silence and ritualization to suspend all meaning of time

Table Manners Preview – ‘reworked in a highly engaging manner’

Alex Rugman previews Flared Productions' reworking of Alan Ayckbourn's play.

Glory ahead for St Peter’s?

Cal Flintoff reviews the drama of the Men’s Football Cuppers as the Quarters approach