Sunday, February 17, 2019

Smoking area chic

With the debate over smoking around Oxford heating up, Chloe Dootson-Graube pays tribute to one fashion institution caught in the crossfire

Tumblr: Where aesthetics meets activism

Sam Joyce discusses the impact of social media on the modelling industry

Scent and Sense

Oli Williams, the blogger behind, explores the effect of smell and perfume on the human psyche.

Wrapped-up Winter

Hilary might be looking chilly, but our first shoot highlights some winter styling.

Who is Edward Enninful?

Nicole Rayment takes a look at British Vogue's new helmsman and the potential for change he brings with him
picture of food arranged to look like the chanel, louis vuitton, fendi and gucci logos

Branding Matters

What does it take to make a strong brand? Apparently not the same as it did five years ago. Georgia Watkins analyses the shift in branding strategies and the rise and fall of the logo.

Death of ‘Sad Dad’

Persis Bhalla works the socks and sandals faux pas

Smoke & Grunge

First Cherwell Fashion shoot of HT 2016

Kiss my bow tie: Behind the scenes

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes of our 7th week editorial shot at the Burton Taylor studio

On summer style: what we did on our holiday

A different way of approaching freedom in fashion