How to do sub-fusc in style

Cherwell asks Hadley: Can you ever sex up sub-fusc?

Photo Competition Winner – ‘Faces’

Congratulations to Camille, winner of our 5th week photo competition!

Interview: Jamie Cullum

Jack Chown talks to the piano-playing prodigy about a change in musical direction...

Review: Still The Water

Naomi Kawase's latest meditative, mystical, edifying romance proves a bewitching proposition

A guide to Oxford’s lesser-loved libraries

Cherwell contributors give a run down of the best places to hide from your friends and hammer out that last minute essay

Interview: Ellie Goulding

"I sometimes worry that I'm lacking stimulation"

Not the Oxford Literary Festival

Alex Woolley talks to poet Adelle Stripe about the upcoming festival

Live Review: Years & Years

Sam Joyce is stuck on the fence after their performance at the O2

Preview: Sweeney Todd

Ben Horton looks forward to a thrill ride from start to finish

Good Morning Vietnam

Lauren Heathcote takes us from the northern mountains to the southern deltas of Vietnam


Union prepares for Bannon protests

Hundreds are expected to protest at the Union, after yesterday's tense vote sees the Bannon event go ahead

Jesus College accused of controversial evangelical group ‘cover-up’

Jesus is now the third Oxford college to have hosted Christian Concern in recent years, along with Exeter and Trinity, whilst LMH is currently considering whether or not to host the group

Students raise safety concerns over ‘extremely frightening’ Park End queue

“It was an extremely frightening experience; several people were experiencing panic attacks."

Don’t confuse free speech with hate speech

The Union’s series of predictably shocking speakers are anathema to our values

Union Standing Committee vote to continue with Bannon event

Officials voted narrowly to not cancel the event, despite pressure from student groups