Taking Control

Cherwell examines the role of the director

Don Carlos

We weigh in on the upcoming adaptation of the Friedrich von Schiller classic

Liberal Facism

Jonah Goldberg's new book Liberal Facism sounds like it ought to be an interesting, though not entirely revolutionary, proposition

Odds and Sods and Death and Dogs

Paul Freestone's tender and humorous photographs find beauty in the mundane and subtly blur the boundaries between the human and the natural


John Patrick Shanley's film adaptation of Doubt arguably equals, and quite possibly surpasses, the play upon which it is based

Black Comedy

This production of Black Comedy illuminates Shaffer's script

The Entertainer

John Osborne's historic follow-up to ‘Look Back In Anger' charts the life of Archie Rice, son of smash-hit music hall comedian Billy Rice

Stryding to success

Joseph Weir discovers the story of a DIY label and Tinchy Stryder's rise to stardom

Behind the Scenes: The Line-Producer

In the second edition of Behind the Scenes, Andrew Litvin tells us something about line-production

These Dark Materials

An adaptation of His Dark Materials hits Oxford next term, and Cherwell went backstage to see it being created.


Hassan’s named among best ‘drunk food’ student takeaways in UK

It is the second time in a year that the eatery has received national recognition

Buffet breakfasts should be sent back to the kitchen

As the holiday season enters full-swing, it’s time to reassess the buffet breakfast.

Why I won’t be protesting Trump

A decade of unknown change is worth protesting more than a two day visit

Review- V&A’s Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up

An exhibition that tells a personal story of heritage, politics, heartbreak and pain.

Lagerfeld: Too comfy in Chanel?

Chanel couture AW18 achieves a solid 2.1, but shouldn't it be getting a First?