Review: All Tomorrow’s Parties

Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead, May 16 - 18

Review: Eagle Eye

Out 17 October

First night review: Agamemnon

The Greek play at Oxford. Any good this year?

Coco sees Pixar back on delightful form

Pixar's latest venture may feature the Day of the Dead, but it's packed with heartwarming life and vitality

Rushdie was robbed

Why was Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence left off the Booker Prize shortlist?

Venue Review: University Church

Exploring the beautiful and atmospheric performance space

Heads must roll

Once, twice, three times a fuck up.   Aldate extends his sincere thanks to HK. Michelmas' listings brought back happy memories of when OxStu could observe the basic rule of printing the right things on the right pages..   Still, at least you're not Oxide.

Review: Sex And The City

Out 28 May

Chain Reaction

The effect of teen films on the aesthetically challenged

Genre confused: Krautrock

Each week Cherwell extolls the virtues of an obscure musical genre. This week: Krautrock


The UK’s education system is unfit for purpose

Myopic obsession with academic attainment harms student welfare and reduces the education system to a game

Worcester College building shortlisted for Stirling Prize

The £9 million Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre is in the running for the most prestigious architecture award in the UK

Britain is too desperate for affection

If Britain wants to be treated with respect, it needs to stop whining about a 'special relationship'

Government threatens Oxbridge with sanctions over access

The two universities were among only three institutions to have conditions placed on their registration with the Office for Students

Fashion brands must end their wasteful behaviour

Burberry's track record indicates that more must be done to address the frequent destruction of unsold products