Eye Candy: Flower Power

Get ahead this Spring with the new floral prints...

The Cherwell Fashion Guide to… Nautical Sailor Tailoring

Cherwell's Deputy Fashion Editor shows you how to wear the nautical trend for this Spring.

Review: Youth in Revolt

Not your average teen movie

Emma Johnson and Pascal Rogé

Our new classical music reviewer attends an impressive concert at the Sheldonian Theatre, 30th January

Heavenly Features

Nicolas Pierce evaluates cinema's after-death experiences

Online review: A Prophet

Beau Woodbury says the future's uncertain for this acclaimed drama

Cherwell Photo Blog – Week 3!

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Art, not without ambition

Macbeth has much to commend and much to condemn, says Andrew McCormack

Online review: Edge of Darkness

Edge of your seat stuff

What you’ve been missing

Is it indulgent to review an author in this column? Not when it's Orhan Pamuk


From Deontay to Divock: a ‘Super Sunday’ done right

'Why can't all 'Super Sundays' start on a Saturday night?'

Airbrushing is a practice that reinforces unattainable societal norms

Jameela Jamil is right: airbrushing does nothing but make us miserable, it should be banned
Collage showing textile waste and impacts of the fashion industry on the environment

Fast fashion means a slow death for the planet this Christmas

Kat Cooper explores the true environmental cost of high-street fashion
A woman walks down a snowy path with trees lining it. She is wearing a coat and carries a black bag over her shoulder.

Making myself at home

"When you're here for most of the year, making this city your true home is a feat that seems impossible."

Union refute Purple Turtle allegations of “childish” behaviour

According to the Union, negotiations were only "impeded by the impossibility of an agreement on rent."