Review: Edward II

Tom Richards’s production of Edward II, by Christopher Marlowe, is complete with smoky night clubs, the sweet-sour smell of weed, star-cross’d lovers, and violence....

Cowley controversy over mosque’s call to prayer

A row has erupted after leaders at Oxford’s Central Mosque announced plans to install a loudspeaker to broadcast the call to prayer. Despite opposition from...

Three resignations in three months at LMH

Lady Margaret Hall has lost its third student officer this academic year after the JCR’s OUSU officer stood down.Georgie Day said that she was...

Students unaware as fire blazes at Keble

Concerns have been raised at Keble after a blaze in a college washroom initially failed to trigger the fire alarm.The fire broke out last...

Wiseguys at the Wheatsheaf

What makes a pub funny? There may be an occasional funny sign above the bar: Beware of the Mother In Law, Beware of the...

The Local: Matt Carter (Eclectic DJ)

Matt was just a punter, not a performer for his most memorable rave. It was at Fabric when he was just sixteen. ‘I wanted...

Wadham dean dies of heart attack

Dr Robin McCleery, Dean of Wadham College, died on Wednesday morning from a suspected heart attack.The Warden of Wadham, Neil Chalmers, said, “Clearly this...

OxTales: The Oxford Gargoyles at the Edinburgh Fringe

A bearded man accosted me as I watched the Oxford Gargoyles advertising their show in the street. “I love the Gargoyles,” he told me...

Dark Materials

Dark matter is a topic that most people, even non-scientists have heard of, yet how many actually know anything about it?

Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustusdir Andrea Ferran11 to 15 OctoberOld Fire StationDoctor Faustus is getting dangerously close to becoming an unstageable play. Perhaps that makes it even...


Mojo Preview – ‘gloriously worded script but male dominated’

Cesca Echlin finds this rendition of Jez Butterworth's play hits comic targets, but also reflects on its male-dominated narrative.

Merlin: The magic of kindness

Exploring the continuing relevance of BBC's Merlin

Bake-sale held in protest against Oxford’s gender pay gap

Due to the gender wage discrepancies at the university, from today onwards women in the university are ‘effectively unpaid’ until the end of the year. 

NI abortion rights must be a UK policy

Lobbying your MP could help change the lives of thousands of women

The Band Review – ‘heartwarming and nostalgic fun’

The new Take That inspired musical a great testament to the great British boyband.