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Monday, September 25th

‘A visual masterpiece’

Izzy Smith admires The Cursed Child’s combination of nostalgia and freshness

“At times refreshingly witty and sharp, and then lets itself down…”

Hugo McPherson is left questioning by 'Arseholes', a new play about Rimbaud and Verlaine

“Intense and enjoyable to watch”

Nina Crisp enjoys an intense and enjoyable performance

“Exploring what it means to be an intelligent modern woman”

Sîan Bayley finds much to praise in 'Girls Will Be Girls' at the BT Studio

“The biggest student comedy event of the year”: Oxford Revue and...

Miriam Nemmaoui chats to Olly Jackson ahead of the Oxford Revue's hotly tipped performance

“A fascinating interpretation of Racine’s masterpiece”

Louisa Cotterhill is left stunned by 'Phèdre', a modern rendition of an ancient tragedy

“Precisely the kind of theatre I would like to see more...

Charles Britton is besotted with the potheads in 'Garden'

“Its clear, accessible acting makes intelligible a foreign tongue”

Martin Newman is captivated by the Oxford Italian Play, 'Mistero!'

“Pleasingly thoughtful and thought-provoking”

Natasha Burton previews 'Rewritten' at the Michael Pilch Studio

“It kept me hooked right until the final denouement”

Harry Hatwell applauds Playlliol's rendition of 'A View from the Bridge'