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Tuesday, February 20th

Do me if you’ve ‘done’ India

Oxford's own Bridget Jones reflects on gap yah guys

SnapShot: Life at Kuda

Sam Juniper endures the best that the Other Place has to offer

Home or Roam: Glasgow, a cultural mecca?

Trina Wilson argues Scotland’s second city is the UK’s hidden gem

From cocaine to porcelain: how one homeless person escaped crime

Michael Jacobs meets one of Oxford's many homeless people to hear his life story, from crime to happiness to the streets.

Restaurant review: Taberu

Jonny Lawrence breaks out of the Jericho mould but is left less than impressed

Clunch review: Trinity

Ben Wilkinson-Turnbull does not like what he sees at Trinity

Reclaiming my body: dancing in Amman

Emmeline Skinner Cassidy talks about finding liberation in an unexpected way

Letter from… Les Banlieues

Roseanne Chantiluke gets to grips with schoolkids in the Parisian estates

Recipe of the week: Rainy Day Soup

Jonny Lawrence provides a healthy meal to help you take advantage of cheap veg

Chez Chaz: no seafood paella

Charlie Bishop takes us back to his Paris flat with this Spanish favourite