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Tuesday, September 26th
Rose on a book

Life Divided: Oxlove

Maxim Parr-Reid and James Lamming debate the vices and virtues of Oxford’s most amatory Facebook page

Life Divided: Carnations

Jamie Onslow and Nicola Dwornik discuss the finer points of an exam tradition

Stigma, suffering, and breaking the silence

Struggling with depression at Oxford, and how the conversation is only just beginning

“Alan Rusbridger ended the phone call by saying, ‘for fuck’s sake,...

Kobir Ahamed reflects on his experience in Lady Margaret Hall’s pioneering Foundation Year Programme

College Insider at Pembroke

Our insider reveals Pembroke's concerning Pimm’s dependency

SnapShot: Techno where you’d least expect it

Matt Roller has an overwhelming night in a quieter corner of Oxford

Blind Date: “I was on a date with one of the...

Nicky Halterman and Lucy Frost hit it off over dogs, but eccentric hobbies prove a sticking point.

SnapShot: Crewdate

Emma Leech revels in journalistic gaiety as Cherwell meets The Other Place

Landlords, neighbours, and noise complaints

Aidan Balfe’s reflections on a year of living out in Cowley, and the communal living myth

College Insider at St Anne’s

Our insider pens a desperate plea to the outside world from the cold, dark periphery of Oxford University