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Friday, January 19th

Forever young, I wanna be forever young

Helen Pye discusses the ethics and intricacies of eternal life with hirsute scientist Aubrey de Grey

Giraffe George Street: Review

Cherwell's editors spend yet more time together, eat too much and sample the delights Giraffe have to offer

Charity begins on the phone

Chloe Cornish gets chatty to charities and wonders where her donations are going.

Who needs a degree?

Libby Derbyshire tells us how it’s really best to utilise our time at university, by simultaneously climbing the social and career ladders

Cut-throat Cutrone talks strict business

Fashion hotshot and reality TV star Kelly Cutrone talks to Helen Pye about her unlikely rise to success and how ‘normal gets you nowhere’

Lifestyle Interview: the Hairy Bikers

The celebrity chef duo talk to Claire Castles about friendship, fresh food and feeding the elderly

It’s not all about the money

Vidhi Doshi tries to curb her excesses and survive on one pound a day for a week. But at what cost?

First year, second time around

Rebecca Loxton sees Freshers' Week through older and wiser eyes; postgrads have fun too you know

The hostess with the mostest

Adam Scott Taylor talks to Sayuki, the first Western geisha, about life on the inside of the flower and willow world

A stranger close to home

Claire Castles explores her native Ireland, camping her way down the east coast