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Saturday, November 18th

Ibiza or bust (1)

Can you get paid to party? Cherwell's jobseeker heads to the White Isle to find out.

Fishing for compliments?

Claire Castles tries out a new beauty treatment that's a bit more natural than the rest.

Have you met TED?

Michael Brodsky explains the mysterious goings on that have preceded the launch of Oxford's new student conference society, TEDxOxford.

Wilderness and Truck Festival Fever

Francesca Wade talks to the organisers of two Oxfordshire music festivals about the problems and hopes involved in their summer extravaganzas

Review: Burlesque Night at Cafe Coco

Karl Dando strips away the mystique surrounding Cafe Coco's recent burlesque night.

No carbs before Marbs

Jake Mellett takes a lettuce leaf from the Hand Book of Amy Childs

Oxford’s Best: Bagel

Becca Webb is underwhelmed by her exploration of Oxford's bagel scene

Not so MDMA-zing

Amanda Parker wonders if legal highs are the key to a good time or if they’re more dangerous than you think

For the love of food

Adam Taylor puts some healthy enthusiasm back into food

Oxford’s Best: Pizza

Becca Webb samples Oxford's offerings of the pizza scene