Showing up Santa

3 Jaegerbombs, 2 Blackwell's books and an overdraft that makes you feel faint. Cherwell's guide to what to get your friends this Christmas

Stop the Press: Kate needs a BIGGER wardrobe

What's that, Kate's having a baby? Ghoncheh Dolatshahi gives her side of the royal story

Ten Varsity alternatives

It's ninth week of Michaelmas, and that can only mean one thing: most of your friends have buggered off to get pissed with Tabs at the Folie Douce. For those of us left behind, Cherwell has compiled a list of things to do instead of twiddling your thumbs, or, indeed, skiing.

The top 10 best things about going home

Tom Beardsworth explains what's wonderful about escaping Oxford life

Call Me… Maybe Not!

Oxford's own Bridget Jones reflects on a sticky conversation

Interview: David Gandy & Alex Bilmes

Imogen Beecroft talks shoes, the Olympics and making it with supermodel David Gandy and Esquire editor Alex Bilmes

A spoke in the wheel

Oxford's own Bridget Jones reflects on the most unfortunate of falls

Back to Black(adder)

Hugh Jeffery talks telly, children’s books and education reforms with the Blackadder star.

Restaurant Review: At Thai vs Shanghai 30s

Bethan Tabram gets a taste of some eastern cuisine.

A Brief Encounter

Oxford's own Bridget Jones reflects on the briefest of encounters


The Threepenny Opera Review – ‘both unsettling and wildly entertaining’

Faye Heron reviews this term's Playhouse show which she finds serves to bring up important social issues whilst simultaneously being vigorously entertaining

First CofE vicar to be in same-sex marriage becomes LMH chaplain

Foreshew-Cain quit as a vicar in 2017, citing the "institutional homophobia" of the Church of England

Plush faces imminent venue closure

The future is uncertain for the popular LGBTQ+ venue

SU welcomes students responding to Gender Recognition Act consultation

The SU also made its own submission to the consultation incorporating contributions from members

Anti-racist groups to protest AfD leader’s visit to the Union

Stand Up to Racism Oxford argues the party ‘built up its following by stoking up racism against migrants, Muslims and refugees’