Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Eleanor Bley-Griffiths talks to Lynn Barber, interviewer extraordinaire and author of An Education

Procrastination Destination: The Botanic Gardens

This week's haven for procastination - The Botanic Gardens

The Best of Britain

Cherwell Lifestyle ventures to the far corners of the UK to find the best holiday destinations on our doorstep

Oh my Cod there’s a new sushi plaice in town!

Agnes Arnold-Forster reviews the covered market's newest eaterie

Interview: Francine Stock

Hattie Soper talks to Francine Stock, Radio 4 presenter and author of In Glorious Technicolor

The holy Trinity (and croquet)

Cherwell Lifestyle present their guide to those lazy-hazy-crazy days ahead

An Eggcellent Easter?

After the smorgasbord of Easter chocolate, Cherwell Lifestyle dons its critical hat to decide which egg was best

Germany v. Italy: the holiday showdown

Two Oxford students headed to Europe for a bit of springtime culture and relaxation on the cheap. One was a Classicist looking for some Roman Ruins; the other was a History student more keen on the 20th century ruins of the Berlin Wall. How did their holidays compare?

Working 9(th week) to 5?

Cherwell explores the various ways for us to get by in the Vac

Pretty Fly for a Muggle Guy

Will Pimlott and Matilda Curtis take to their brooms for a Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff showdown in the Parks


Georgian independence petition discovered at Bodleian

The petition is the first documented occasion of the Georgian population protesting for further rights as a nation

Exposed expenses hide a darker truth

College heads’ personal expenses are shocking, but the real problem is transparency

Access denied? Reflections on a revealing week in Oxford

Students share their personal perspectives on Oxford's access report

The insidious power of borrowing

Cultural synthesis has historically been a tool of colonial oppressors

Oxford pubs serve the most expensive pints outside of London

The average cost of a pint in Oxford is £4.57, according to a new study