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Tuesday, February 20th

Bigger babies? So what?

Taking a closer look at the claim that caesarean sections are driving evolution

Why does Oxford need a zero-emission zone?

Are the city council's proposals worthwhile?

Planet Earth: Ten Years On

 Paris Jaggers “Today, much has changed.” So says David Attenborough in the opening scene of the BBC’s new sequel to Planet Earth, which first aired...

The covert horrors of the animal trade

Ben Anketell unveils the dirty secrets of the third largest trafficking business in the world, where parrots are trapped in water bottles and smuggled across borders for a quick buck

A mammoth weapon in the fight against climate change

Ben Fisk outlines plans to reintroduce the mammoth to help restore the Russian permafrost

Returning British countryside to its roots

Reintroducing wolves, elk, and other lost species will shape Britain for the better, says Ben Anketell

CRISPR-Cas9 to the rescue

By editing our genomes the technology derived from bacteria is primed to cut cancer and hammer HIV, says Dan Simonsen

The ‘Oxford’ scent: a chemist in perfumery

Ruth Mastenbrœk, entrepreneur, scientist, and former president of the British Society of Perfumers, talks to Annie Yu about her international career in cosmetic science, her inspirations, and having a “good nose”

Coywolves: humanity’s surprising legacy

The appearance of new, hybrid species is challenging what it means to conserve

Week in Science: 30/04/17

Cherwell Science & Tech guides you through this week's events