Saints kickstart stuttering season

St Anne's and St John's pummel Worcester in a much-needed win.

Corpus/Linacre regroup to level Lincoln

The match ended in a draw, but wasn't without dollops of drama to boot.

True Blues or mercenaries?

One-year Masters degrees for sportsmen - right or wong? Cherwell debates...

Interview: Ross Biestmen

We sit down for a chat with a Blues rugby star.

Rampaging Blues shock pros

OURFC clock up 43 points to trounce the Worcester Warrior's 8

Mike Valli: Wk 2

Former Australia star gives the lowdown on life as a Blues rower.

Magdalen outpunch Worcester

Magdalen triumph 48 to Worcester's 24 in their continuing dominance of the second division.

Title clash descends into farce

Wadham and St Anne's come up with a disappointing 1-1 draw in a farcical footy face-off.

Is sport up for sale?

As money becomes ever more influential in the sporting world, we wonder where its future lies...

Blues Gymnastics Interview

Amy Morreau has proven herself to be a focused, determined and skillful athlete.


Oxford bans donations from Chinese tech giant

Oxford suspended Huawei donations shortly after China was criticised as 'autocratic' by Chancellor Patten

Hard to Be-Leave – Brexit: The Uncivil War

If you're looking for a grown up perspective on Brexit, Channel 4's political docudrama leaves much to be desired
two hands holding a load of shopping bags

Binge shopping – a no brainer?

Exploring the science behind the 'treat yourself' mentality

The psychology of an evil stepmother

Is this classic archetype a thing of the past?
A drawing which shows envy as a naked hag angrily soaring through the sky, by William Hamilton

The anxiety of envy

"Big names dominate the industry, and yet their fiction feels incredibly same-y."