Mike Valli: Wk 2

Former Australia star gives the lowdown on life as a Blues rower.

Magdalen outpunch Worcester

Magdalen triumph 48 to Worcester's 24 in their continuing dominance of the second division.

Title clash descends into farce

Wadham and St Anne's come up with a disappointing 1-1 draw in a farcical footy face-off.

Is sport up for sale?

As money becomes ever more influential in the sporting world, we wonder where its future lies...

Blues Gymnastics Interview

Amy Morreau has proven herself to be a focused, determined and skillful athlete.

Plucky Blues confident of victory

A preview of the season ahead for OUAFC.

Oxford seeks more swimming success

Joe Cruttwell, new Blues swimming captain - and Fit College winner - talks about his team.

Get Involved: Alternative Ice Hockey

We encounter the ultimate late night escapade.

Awesome Anne’s hammer Hall

St Anne's kick off the football season with a decisive 4-0 victory over Teddy Hall.

Dominant Hall send out warning

The Cuppers champions seem to have picked up where they left off last year smashing Trinity/LMH


Pablo Neruda’s subtle patterns show us how to feel

The brilliant simplicity of the Chilean poet is his greatest strength

The debate to ban slates shouldn’t be overlooked

Union internal politics may seem irrelevant, but this cronyism has repercussions for our future society

JCR presidents ‘disappointed’ by access report

The letter calls on the University and Colleges "to take every possible step to ensure that this situation improves in the short and long-term"

Access denied: Oxford admits more Westminster pupils than black students

First-ever undergraduate admissions report reveals stark realities of Oxford's access problem

University under fire for ‘pathetic’ retweet

Journalism Sathnam Sanghera told Cherwell: "I think the RT...demonstrates a real entrenched resistance to change"