A Long Hard Look At… Food

Will and Robin discuss food in their first episode of Hilary 2013

Santa Fun Run 2016

On 11 December, hundreds of jolly Santas took part in a fun run around Oxford for Helen & Douglas House

About the Town Episode 7

Tom Goulding and James Arch take to the streets to ask the people of Oxford their thoughts on students.

Headline Superheroes: Meta-Injunction Official Movie Trailer

Headline Superheroes Andrew and Tom present this summer's blockbuster; a tale so menacing it can't be told... so menacing, indeed, that the fact that it can't be told... can't be told

Oxford’s Most Haunted

Oxford Castle is home to the UK's most sighted ghost - Empress Matilda.

Films on Friday #2 Zombie Mike

The second entry in our short film competition is this black comedy from Harry Mallon and Dirty Pint Productions. Andrew wakes up after a big night to find his world turned upside down. Or is it all in his head?

George Galloway in anti-Israel storm

George Galloway has been accused of 'pure racism' by his debate opponent after 'storming out' of Christ Church.

How to Cook… Chilli Chocolate Mousse

Marc Kidson shows you how to make the perfect aphrodisiac dessert for your Valentine

Cherwell Investigates Sexism in Oxford

In light of Robin Lane Fox's recent comment that a woman's evening dress should be 'an apparently stormable fortress', Cherwell asked students attending the Union Ball about sexism and the implications of this statement.

Oxford Revue Comedy Club

Cherwell Broadcasting is here to cheer you up with a video on the Oxford Revue Comedy Club


McQueen Review – “an example of masterful documentary film-making”

Ian Bonhôte's creation celebrates McQueen’s legacy as a skilled artist and visionary

Welcome Freshers!

Congratulations - you made it!

Let’s talk about: Medicine Resits

Learning that you have to resit your medicine exams is difficult, and it is only made worse by an unfair system

Witch Hunt Review – ‘Dizzily funny writing and disastrous hair’

Horseplay Productions' politically-charged sketch comedy hits comedic targets despite an ambiguous through-line.

Premier League Predictions 2018/19

With the Premier League now underway, it's time to place your bets, make your predictions, and debate the fortunes of England's football elite.