Films on Friday #5 Remembrance

CherwellTV brings you Lincoln Film Production Society's short drama, depicting a recently bereaved girl's struggle to cope with her grief

Peaceful vigil outside the Union

Cherwell reports on a peaceful vigil which took place outside the Union last week, entitled 'Take every rape allegation seriously'

CoppaFeel ‘photoboob’ by the Radcliffe Camera

Student volunteers for breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! don their boob suits to raise awareness for women's health around Oxford

Hertfordians begin Oxford to Venice fundraising bike-ride

Staff, students and alumni from Hertford College have embarked on a 700-mile ride from Oxford to Venice, which has so far raised over £250k in student support

RAG Firewalk

This week saw Oxford Raise and Give hold a sponsored firewalk in Bonn Square

Comic Potential

Cherwell looks at 'Comic Potential', Jesus' Cuppers play entry

CNB video report: Oxford 10k Town and Gown 2013

Frank Macpherson heads down to Oxford's best known charity race, speaking to those donning their running shoes before this year's record crowds - including a familiar Cherwell face

Shark Tales – Series 2 Episode 3

Toby Mather talks to Oxford's finest about the week's pressing topics

Shark Tales – Series 3 – Episode 5

Alexander Fox and Tess Colley return to Park End Street for the last time this year, and the last time ever, to hear about the Gold Rush, Oxford memories and plenty of licking.

Snog Marry Avoid? #6: Trinity Special

Xin Fan and Vickie Morrish host a Trinity SMA special featuring six of the sixteenth century's comeliest royal missuses


Rats plague St. Hugh’s accommodation

One student was moved to welfare accommodation after they found a dead rat on their floor in the middle of night

“The ancient world is a safe space for arguing”

Mary Beard discusses the Classics, political-polarisation, and access with Barney Pite

She who dares, wins

Taking risks is the only rule of fashion

‘A Star Is Born’ as Bradley Cooper makes an impressive directorial debut

"It's the same story told over and over; all an artist can do is say how they see it"

A look at the Cuppers draw

Cal Flintoff runs through this year's competition