Interview: Director of ‘The History Boys’

Cherwell interviews James Lorenz, who is directing a student production of 'The History Boys', now showing at The Oxford Playhouse

CNB report: ‘Bedroom Tax’ Protest in Oxford

Protestors assemble on Cornmarket to protest the government's welfare policy

Cherworld – Examining the evidence

Sophie and Anthony discuss the dilution of Classics Mods, formerly known as the hardest exams in the world, and debate whether the exam is still the best means of testing intelligence

CNB Video Report: Corpus Tortoise Fair 2013

Cherwell reports from the annual tortoise fair at Corpus Christi College

Boxing at the Oxford Union – Town versus Gown 2015

Who won this year? Watch and find out, as members of the OUABC take on talent from outside Oxford in their annual face-off.

40 Years of Co-education at Jesus

Cherwell TV followed Jesus College as it celebrated the introduction of women 40 years ago

Cherworld: Week 4

Cherworld is back! New host Sophie Jamieson joins the perennial Robin McGhee to discuss the latest results from our Oxford attitudes survey. This week they talk cheating and plagiarism in Oxford.

The Cherwell Fashion Guide to… Nautical Sailor Tailoring

Cherwell's Deputy Fashion Editor shows you how to wear the nautical trend for this Spring.

Cherworld: Hilary Week 6

Robin and Sophie discuss Oxford's call for £90 million in funding for the humanities, is dependence on philanthropy the inevitable future for higher education in Britain?

Behind the Scenes: Precious Metals

A glimpse behind the scenes of this week's Cherwell fashion shoot


There is still power in a union – but it erodes with our apathy

In a society increasingly driven towards division, the UCU pensions dispute highlights the challenges facing worker solidarity

Exclusive: Oxford Union release Trinity term card

Speakers include Lindsay Lohan, Jordan Peterson, and Peyton Manning

Government announces student loan interest rate rises

Students in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will face interest rates on their loans of up to 6.3%

Oxford Chancellor Patten votes against government Brexit bill

Lord Patten was criticised for putting forward "a political argument dressed up as a trade argument" by former Conservative chancellor Lord Lawson

Oxford to confront colonial past in £20,000 project

The move will include returning treasures seized during the time of the British Empire, and the study of more black and Asian thinkers on degree courses