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Oxford Physics Department named a ‘Champion’ of gender equality

Oxford University's Physics department has joined 15 other British universities in gaining 'Champion' status under the Project Juno programme. Project Juno is a system initiated...

Leadsom’s Legacy: what could have been…

With Theresa May taking office, Louis McEvoy imagines the Leadsom Premiership we so narrowly, and unfortunately, missed out on

‘Oxford Eye’ proposed addition to Oxford skyline

To boost Oxford tourism, the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership propose building the city's own ferris wheel.

Human lives must trump society’s borders

Contemporary instabilities have shown that national borders and prejudices ooze hate, writes Jessica Evans in the wake of Elie Wiesel's death

Brexit likely to impact EU research funding for Oxford

Cherwell has found that contributions from public and private donors within the EU, which represented 12% of Oxford’s aggregate income from research grants last...

Brexit: have you heard the good news?

Some of you may have missed the fallout from the recent EU referendum, which by all accounts was a minimal and rather subdued affair...

Rhodes Must Fall campaigners demonstrate outside Oriel open day

Two prominent RMF figures stood shirtless outside Oriel College to protest in front of potential Orielenses

Oxford Students Refugee Campaign funds 8 full scholarships

£240,000 pledged to Oxford refugee scholarships while Journal of Interrupted Studies publishes first issue

Protests in Oxford against EU referendum result

Following the result of the EU referendum on Friday morning, events have been planned in Oxford to voice opinions on the outcome and its effect on Britain in the future.

Oxford reacts to Brexit

The University shares its views on the announcement that the UK will leave the European Union