How can we define “family”?

The family is central to human society; it is society at the most private. It is in the family that we form our first relationships, experience inequalities and gain a view about the world. if we are to define the family bo today’s statistical norm it includes a mother and father, who are married, with dependent children. However, the family is changing to reflect people’s life choices, but not quite as much as people think.

How had the concept of the family change in recent years?

People have fewer children than before and there is a move towards
more child-centred parenting strategies. In addition, the rise in divorce,
remarriage, single parent households, civil partnerships and reconstituted families mean that the family landscape is changing. This makes
the family a varied and interesting area of study.

What role does the media play in child socialisation?

There is research to suggest that children can learn a lot from certain television programmes, for example they may be exposed to more
elaborate codes of language which can improve the child’s own communication skills. There is slightly more concerning research regarding
the time children spend using electronic devices, and the use of social
media (particularly giving rise to the opportunity to cyberbullying).
However the family remains one of the strongest socialising agents for
children as the family influences the way in which the child interacts
with the social world, including the media.