Allegations of sexism at Atik

Students complain about of "double standards" at Atik nightclub


Wadham student Eleanor Schendel reported a case of “clear sexism” and “double standards” at Atik this week, as a man was asked to leave on accord of his outfit being inappropriate.

Schendel said she would not be returning to what used to be her favourite club in Oxford, and made members of Wadham SU aware of what had happened by writing a post about the event on their Facebook group. According to the student, she saw the male clubber, whom she did not know, being stopped by bouncers in the smoking area for wearing a “black strappy top”.

The top covered the students’ chest and, Schendel said, did not seem particularly unsuited for an evening at the club, formerly known as Park End.

Having been struck by this apparently unjustified remark made to the other clubber, Eleanor Schendel asked for further explanations. Her request was met by the bouncer’s response that if she, or any other woman, had been the one wearing the top, this would have been perfectly acceptable.

“This blatant double standard amounts to clear sexism and the inability of this man to wear a highly appropriate piece of clothing that he felt comfortable in has made me very angry,” Schendel said.

“I cannot see that his attire could possibly have made anyone uncomfortable and must therefore conclude that this rule is at best fundamentally arbitrary and at worst alienating to a significant population of Oxford University students who without a doubt have a right to wear what they want to without entirely unwarranted judgement and questioning.”

Previous reincarnations of Park End have also seen controversy, with Park End bouncers accused of mistreating students in Michaelmas 2014.

Atik have not responded to a request for comment.


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