Joe Baverstock-Poppy (First Year, PPE, Hertford)

Having arrived a little early, I embarrassingly mistook multiple people for my blind date until finally finding a similarly confused-looking Jess. As it was mid-afternoon we decided to set aside the alcohol, and settled on having a sensible J20. However, neither this decision nor the time of day stopped two intoxicated gentlemen from serenading us later on. Jess was a lovely date whose holiday stories put my tame continental trips to shame. She related tales of Italian motorcycling, Romanian Jeeps, and Delhi belly in the Himalayas. Slightly closer to home, we shared nightmare exam stories: fainting, flooding and even rogue birds. I was also surprised to learn, whilst discussing the phenomenon that is Tinder, that St. Anne’s women have had the opportunity to swipe right on one of their very own staff. As a new-comer to the blind date scene, it was a great night and perhaps I’ll do it again some time.

Out of 10? 8

Looks? Lovely

Personality? Laid back and friendly

2nd Date? Maybe


Jessica Voicu (2nd Year, French & Portuguese, St Anne’s)

I’d never been on a blind date before but decided to try one having been persuaded by others who had gone on one before, and also by my friends who were keen to ‘accidentally bump into us’ during the date. We met in the Eagle and Child and found each other pretty easily. Joe was kind enough to buy me a drink. He’s a first year and so, although I wasn’t expecting to be a cougar this early on in life, we chatted about his first few terms, our interview process, and how we both found the transition to university. With him being a PPE-ist and me studying French and Portuguese, we managed to converse about holidays and travelling, and luckily the awkward silences usually found on blind dates were avoided because we were both pretty chilled out. The date went very quickly. He was very easy to chat to so the time flew by.

Out of 10? 7

Looks? Young Leo DiCaprio vibe

Personality? Easy-going and chatty

2nd Date? Will probably see each other through mutual friends