Pierce Jones, First Year, History, Braesnose

Initially I had some trouble finding Fred outside the cafe – as it turns out, a lot of people have tortoise-shell glasses in Oxford so when I got there the hint that my date would be “wearing glasses” left me getting butterflies any time anyone with glasses walked past the shop. Once we found each other, though, the conversation was pretty organic, as we skipped the whole ‘college/degree/where are you originally from/mother’s maiden name’ chat. In short, it was fun and I’m up for trying a second time but I expect we’ll be better as a mates thing.

What was your first impression?

Very chill and friendly, and definitely made me relaxed, but was carrying lots of bags.

Quality of the chat out of ten?

Probably an 8/10.

Most awkward moment?

Waiting for him to arrive and getting butterflies when anyone with glasses walked past.

Kiss or miss?

He doesn’t watch Game of Thrones: there’s never been an easier miss in my life.

Fred Lynam, 2nd Year, History, Balliol

Pierce seemed like a nice guy. His flirting style is a classic one: sardonically self-flattering whilst taking ‘cheeky’ pot-shots at his date (lucky I got the right end of the stick on that one). Overall the chat flowed quite well… at least until he regaled me with a non-story about his childhood pet hamster. He was witty, and at times even bordering on funny – which I can’t be having. Making jokes is the only thing I’ve got to compensate with. We forgot to take a photo together, but I hope our mock-up of the date reflects what could have been.

What was your first impression?

A nice enough chap with a sardonic, cheeky side.

Quality of chat out of 10?

7/10 until the hamster bit, so 5/10.

Most awkward moment?

When he thought that “East Sussex” was just a posh way of saying that I’m from Essex.

Kiss or miss?


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