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    Nelson Fernandes Serrao

    Journalist. Chairman and Technical Director of Oxford Student Publications Limited (the parent company of Cherwell). Lead writer for TLDR News. Twitter @tldrnelson

    Week 7 TT22

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    West Way Square – The Ideal Student Accommodation in Oxford!

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    Radcliffe Department of Medicine 4-Year DPhil Scholars Programme – SPONSORED

    The Radcliffe Department of Medicine is a large, multi-disciplinary department, which aims to tackle some of the world’s biggest health challenges by integrating innovative basic biology...

    Boost your CV: Earn £11/hr from home via tutoring and inspire the next generation (SPONSORED)

    Gaining work experience is invaluable as a student, not only can it pay the rent but it can develop transferable skills, which are a genuine...

    Apply for 180 Degrees Consulting Oxford, Trinity 2021

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    Apply for 180 Degrees Consulting Oxford, Hilary 2021

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    Times change, and so do we. This Trinity, Cherwell will move to a fortnightly magazine format, starting on Friday 1st May. There will still...

    OSPL is now recruiting to its Board of Directors!

    Oxford Student Publications Ltd. is the entirely independent and student-run publishing house of Cherwell, The ISIS, The Oxford Scientist, Industry, Phaser, and Keep Off...

    Investigating Typhoid Fever Pathogenesis (TYGER)

    Sponsored by Oxford Vaccine Group  You are invited to take part in a study to investigate typhoid fever.  The study is being run by the...

    Cherwell is Recruiting!

    We are now accepting applications to all positions for Trinity Term 2020 — send us your applications by 6pm Thursday 5th March (editors and deputy editors) or 6pm Sunday 8th March (section editors and deputy section editors).