The Renaissance

Cherwell Fashion reflects upon the artistic reach of the Renaissance in modern fashion.

Just Kids

Cherwell Fashion takes a more laid back approach to style.
woman in vintage clothes shop

Stopping the fast fashion juggernaut

A sceptical look at sustainability in the fashion industry

Ditch the diet this January

Alice Baldock discusses the problems with fad diets and New Year's resolutions

Statement Pieces: Caroline Ritchie’s Corduroy Jacket

A $69 jacket from a Melbourne charity shop gives Caroline Ritchie more trouble than she bargained for...

Who do you dress for?

Cherwell's fashion team discusses the motivation for our fashion choices

Skater fashion rules Supreme

The fashion world is obsessed with skate culture, but is this the start of a long-term relationship or just another short-lived flirtation?

High Hopes, Falling Leaves

Combine russet hues with soft monochrome textures for a very Oxford take on October
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