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MT13 - Issue 4

Photoshoot:Not Waving, But Drowning

Fashion takes to the bathtub in this Ophelia inspired shoot

Skinny jeans are so last year

Video may have killed the radio star, but wide-leg killed the skinny jean.

Interview: Alice McGennis-Destro

Emmanuelle Soffe talks to L'Oreal fashion journalist and Instagram blogger Alice McGennis-Destro

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle

This fall is all about glitter! Discover the latest catwalk trends with Tamison O'Connor.
photo showing a corset worn by madonna on display

A matter of inches: corsets make a comeback

An exploration of the 21st century corset renaissance, spurred by icons from Madonna to McQueen.

What’s next for Dior?

Alice Demurtas examines the legacy of Raf Simons as Dior transitions after the retirement of their creative director.

Luxury fashion in 2019- will it ever be ‘accessible’?

Anna Wintour once said that one of the things she adored most about the fashion industry is its constant drive to evolve...

Set for Summer

The coming of May took Cherwell to the University of Oxford Botanic Garden to help celebrate vivid spring hues. Photography: Richard Wakefield Models: Eleanor McCann &...

Men’s fashion or mother’s fashion?

Should a mother's love or a father's respect extend to the wardrobe?