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Conundrums of an ungenerous oversharer

"It’s telling that we call them ‘stories’. The word ‘story’ says it all. Because it’s true, it is a story. No one really knows why you’re telling it, and neither do you, but you tell it anyway."

Does “power makes all the difference”?

Sudhir Hazareesingh is a tutor in international relations (IR) and won the 2021 Wolfson...

Tips for being sustainable when travelling

"Travelling can leave huge footprints on the environment, so if we visit a destination abroad, we should do our bit to reduce this impact"

“Colorful Queer & Bright”: Jasper Soloff Reflects on His Creative Style

Jasper Soloff isn’t afraid to call Hollywood out on its false virtue signalling regarding...

Music as Ammunition: Ukrainian Bandurists Give Tradition New Life in Their Concert Series

Julia Kogut-Kalynyuk and Kateryna Trachuk escaped the shelling of Lviv with only their banduras...

Overthinking dating: Am I more in my head than he’s into me?

It went well with Isaac. It went well when he asked if I’d had a tour of the house; when we stood alone in...

Lentil and Carrot Stew Recipe

I know, I know, lentil and carrot stew doesn’t sound like the most exciting recipe in the world. But trust me, this is one...

It all begins with breakfast

It has long been said that breakfast constitutes one of the most important meals of the day. Really, there is nothing more refreshing than...

‘The most important lesson I’ve had as a journalist’: Adam Fleming in conversation

Adam Fleming joins me just before his daily nap. A critical part of his daily routine, enabling those 4AM starts and late-night Newscast sessions,...

John Evelyn: 5th Week, Hilary Term 2022

John Evelyn can confirm that with the assemblage of Union hacks and student journalism we are now officially at the very centre of hell.

The anti-Politician: An afternoon with Anjali Ramanathan

The considerations of a would-be student politician. A student, who, despite being a self-declared introvert, has been thrust to the very top of student politics. President of the Christ Church JCR, candidate for the presidency of the Oxford Union -- Ramanathan wants to run things. 

New habits die fast: Tales from the gym

Yes, I recently started going to the gym. No, I did not start going on a ‘new year, new me’ whim. No, I would...

Go get that bread: Tips for navigating the job market

Applying for jobs can be daunting and stressful. Below you can find some bearings, ideas and starting points to help you to navigate this...

Table 13 Review: An eye-opener to what vegetables can do

"Table 13 is about surprising people, not lecturing them"

In Conversation with Lynn Enright

“We don’t think about, you know as uncomfortable as we are talking about vaginas, we’re more comfortable talking about them because they facilitate childbirth.”

John Evelyn: 3rd Week, Hilary Term 2022

It’s been a horny few weeks at the Union. With the termcard set, the excitement of the first few weeks abating, and the spectre...

Star-Gazing: In Conversation With Cate Blanchett

It’s a strange feeling to stare into the void of a Zoom loading screen, waiting for a two-time Oscar winner to join the call. But that’s what I did one Sunday morning, counting the seconds until my interview with Cate Blanchett began.

The way to a girl’s heart is through her comfort foods

Mashed potato. With heaps of butter and salt and pepper. More specifically , a fork full of mashed potato, with a lump of cold...

John Evelyn: 1st Week, Hilary Term 2022

Termcard? Late. Hacking? Early. You’re welcome Oxford. Well at least it’s good to see that the Union is keeping to tradition.  It has been confirmed...

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