Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Shark Tales Season 6 [Trailer]

    Shark Tales is back for Hilary Term 2017!

    1st Week News Summary

    CherwellTV takes you through the headlines from First Week.

    Pink Week in Oxford

    Cherwell Broadcasting speak to Professor Stephen Johnston, leading figure in breast cancer medicine

    Oxpops: Oxford’s views on Trump

    Cherwell Broadcasting asks students and the general public about their views on Trump

    Top five things to do post collections

    Beat the January blues with the top five things to do in Oxford this week

    0th Week News Summary – HT17

    https://youtu.be/MV19gSp1Y0Y Cherwell Broadcasting is back to deliver the latest news from in and around Oxford in 2017. 0th week has been surprisingly eventful compared to...

    ‘Keep the Damned Women Out’ – CherwellTV & Nancy Malkiel

    Cherwell Broadcasting speak to Nancy Malkiel, discussing her book 'Keep the Damned Women Out'

    Santa Fun Run 2016

    On 11 December, hundreds of jolly Santas took part in a fun run around Oxford for Helen & Douglas House

    5 top things to do in Oxford over Christmas

    Cherwell Broadcasting walks you through the most fun festivities in Oxford, perfect for the Christmas period