Tuesday, March 2, 2021
    Tags Blind date

    Tag: blind date

    Blind Date: Emma and Nicky

    Life co-editors Emma and Nicky get a taste of the Balliol Blue and their own medicine

    Blind Date: Akshay and Lily

    Akshay and Lily chat about their love of electronic music over an apparently mesmerising plate of macaroni

    Blind Date: John and Bessie

    John and Bessie fail to see eye to eye on their blind date

    Blind Date: Jessica and Joe

    Jessica and Joe speak about their travels at a sober midday meeting.

    Blind Date: Charlie and Adam

    Charlie and Adam discuss battling snakes in Tasmania over gallantly bought drinks

    Blind Date: Rosie and Tom

    Tom and Rosie discuss classical music and Persian history over a drink in Turf Tavern

    Blind Date: Andrew and Alice

    Alice and Andrew bond over Wahoo, a capella, and Tesco's bagels