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A conversation with a V-day cynic

Sam Juniper discusses his hesitance when it comes to Valentine's Day

A letter to: my future employer

A reflection on the joys of the corporate world

Letter to: my college spouse

Daanial Issaq Chaudhry is filled with regret

Blind Date: “She said she would write that I pissed in...

Hannah Rooke and James Matthews manage to overcome their college differences

Making bad art

Oxford art students discover making bad portraits isn't as easy as it looks.

Jingle hell: a Grinch’s guide to Christmas

Rosalind Perrett teaches us her survival tips for scrooges

How to be the edgiest dresser at Cellar

Samuel Juniper provides a comprehensive guide to the spectrum of style at Oxford's beloved Cellar.

Ray’s Chapter & Worse: 0th week

Only a few weeks ago, dear reader, we were wallowing in the midst of the most glorious Easter vac. Long, heady spring days. The...
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