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Union candidate dropped from slate for “colonialism is underrated” JCR motion

The controversial comment was part of a motion for a "declaration of war on St. Edmund's Hall".
A young woman reads a small piece of paper excitedly and another young woman behind her reads it too

Review: A Little Night Music – ‘a sophisticated and pleasant performance’

Despite some minor setbacks on the opening night, A Little Night Music delivers a confident performance, including some moments of hilarity

Controversy over Pride flag at Queen’s College

The Provost ruled against a majority vote to fly the flag for the entire month, before reversing his decision.

Students protest Brendan O’Neill’s Oxford visit

The protesters said they were speaking out against O'Neill's "hate speech"

Queen’s JCR slams Brendan O’Neill invite

In their email, the Equalities and Welfare committees said: “Brendan O’Neill is recognised for his controversial opinions, many of which have sparked accusations of transphobia, homophobia and misogyny."

‘Quanne’s’ romp to Hockey Cuppers win

Harry Style reports on a shock result in the final of mixed Hockey Cuppers